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5 Bottle Premium Pack 2 30ml

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Quick Overview

The five bottle party pack 2 is the ideal choice if you would like to try a variety of our most premium products. For all five bottles we are offering such a great special of $160 so you are only paying $32 a bottle, which means you are getting more for your money! We have put a lot of thought into this pack to create the perfect assortment of our most premium aromas that are produced from unique formulas by the world’s most popular and renowned brands, these include Jungle Juice Black, The Real Amsterdam, Z Best, Super Rush Black Label and Amsterdam Special. This premium bungle of large 30ml bottles contains aromas of the highest quality and extremely long lasting formulas.

Try our 5 pack of premium 30ml bottles

Jungle Juice Black
The Real Amsterdam
Z Best
Super Rush Black Label
Amsterdam Special

High Rise could be sent if Z Best is out of stock.
5 Bottle Premium Pack 2 30ml