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Four Seasons Classic Condoms 12 Pack

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Quick Overview

Four Seasons is a premium condom brand, which develops condoms from the latest technology. The Four Seasons Classic Condom is an experience so sheer that you won’t even realise you are wearing a condom! These condoms are produced with a latex compound to provide you and your partner with incredible sensitivity and comfort. The classic Four Season condom pack is specifically designed to provide extra strength and are transparent, lubricated and have a regular 54mm nominal width. When these classic latex condoms are used properly, it is rare for them to break, but this is no guarantee. Research has shown that latex condoms are around eighty five percent effective in reducing both pregnancies and STDs. If you want to make your latex condom extra wet, we recommend using one of our water- based lubricants as anything else, such as oil will break down the external surface of the condom.

Ultra Sensitive
Reservoir end
Condom Nominal Width 54mm.
Four Seasons Classic Condoms 12 Pack

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