When cleaning your leather with poppers, sometimes if you stay around the fumes too long, you may experience a “rush” of warm sensations and notions of dizziness, which is similar to the feeling of extreme alcohol intoxication. Fortunately, this should only occur for a few seconds to a few minutes – then you’ll be back to your leather cleaning!

Poppers are actually vasodilators, which means they dilate the blood vessels. As a result of this, the blood pressure drops quickly, leading to lightheadedness, which can sometimes result in brief unconsciousness and muscle strength, known as syncope. However, within the same timeframe the heart speeds up, even if the user is relaxed, which is called tachycardia.

Another effect of  using Poppers when leather cleaning, can be the relaxation of the anal sphincter. Due to this, solvent cleaner is commonly used to facilitate anal sex in Europe. Some users also find that taking Poppers while having sex can increase sexual sensations and intensify orgasm.