b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play

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b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play

By popular demand, we’re delighted to announce the release of the b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play — A step-by-step handbook to help you prepare your body for anal sex.

With over 50 info-packed pages written by certified sex educators, the b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play is a standalone purchase from our best-selling Anal Training Kit

“We aim to provide sex-positive info to help users of all entry levels create pleasurable experiences with anal play. For folks who might feel nervous or misinformed, the Complete Guide to Anal Play will be your #1 ally to challenge the stigma surrounding anal sex.”Alicia Sinclair, Founder & CEO of b-Vibe.

Scroll down below to get a glimpse of the chapters covered in the b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play.

Whether you are an anal novice or seasoned anal pro, we believe that anal play should be 100% awesome. This handy booklet includes all the best tips and step-by-step advice from our trusted team of certified sex educators.

A Cheeky Sneak Peek into the Complete Guide to Anal Play:

1) Getting Started – When it comes to anal play, your body, heart, and mind must be on the same page. Stress, worry, and pressure can affect that. We’ve put together the five best anal play practices to help you get in the right frame of mind.

2) Anal Anatomy & Pleasure – Anal anatomy may not be the most exciting topic, but it’s well worth knowing your way around. This chapter covers everything from stress and relaxation to anal play for penis and vulva owners.

3) Anal Hygiene – Anal hygiene is one of the most common concerns that people have about anal play. Fortunately, it isn’t challenging to manage. This section covers everything that you need to know on how to prep for first time anal.

4) Best Lube for Anal Play – The right lubricant can make anal play feel amazing. But with so many different varieties of lube to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll teach you how to choose the right lube for rimming, for your b-Vibe sex toy, or any other kind of anal play.

5) Butt Plugs 101 – Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys for anal play. The simple yet genius design of a butt plug helps people enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for prolonged periods. Find out how to enjoy and properly care for your new anal plug.

6) Anal Training – As anal sex becomes less taboo, people of all genders and sexualities are taking an interest in tantalizing the tushy. A great way to prepare the butt for pleasurable play is through anal training- and this isn’t something that you do just once!

7) Anal Play Extras – From combining genital and anal play to learning about the best positions, this chapter includes a little something for everyone.

8) After Care – This thoughtful act teaches you to thank your partner for sharing themselves, and remind them that your concern for their pleasure and well-being doesn’t stop after the O’s. This last bit of The Complete Guide to Anal Play reiterates why anal aftercare is just as important as prepping for anal sex.