Double Scorpio Double Snffr Cap

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In stock



Double Scorpio Popper Double Snffr Cap

Introducing the Double Scorpio Bullet Cap, the newest addition to your aromatic arsenal. A specially crafted device that further enhances your favourite Double Scorpio aroma experience. With its multiple outlets, this cap is designed to bring out a more concentrated…adventure.

Say goodbye to accidental skin contact with the long nozzle that keeps everything exactly where you want it. And let’s not forget about the bold and vibrant signature bright yellow or SILVER colour, because who says poppers can’t be fashionable?

Believe in yourself. Achieve the unimaginable. Experience the full potential of Double Scorpio poppers, with Double Scorpio Popper Cap.

Now, I must remind you, this cap is not intended for storage use. Once you’re done unleashing your inner diva, it’s time to put it away and let it rest until your next thrilling adventure. Because, let’s be honest, a Double Scorpio bottle deserves its own designated spot.

*Cap not intended for storage use, put away once you’re done. Double Scorpio Bottles Sold Separately.



Made in USA.

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