Extra Booster & Tube for Banger Station

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Out of stock

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Get a second tube and booster for your Banger Station so you can share in on the fun and get two users at the same time! Just connect the second tube to the other “tap” and give the booster to your partner to make them join your poppers party!

With a Banger Station at home or at a party, you’ll discover a new way to share the poppers effect with more people or on your own during your poppers masturbation session. The practical tube and booster make it easy to concentrate on what’s important without worrying about the bottle.

You can then enjoy stronger sensations thanks to the well-put system of tubes and booster!

Note: this set contains a Tube and a long 2in1 Booster, but the Banger Station is not included.

Product details:
✓ Add one person to your session!
✓ Connects one tube to your bottle
✓ With new and extra-long Booster
✓ 2in1 cap for better sensations
✓ New and fun way to enjoy aromas
✓ 100 cm long tube
✓ Easy to clean

Contains: 1x long 2in1 Booster, 1x tube
Tube length: approx. 100 cm