Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks Sonic Boom

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Like the hugely successful Fleshlight Girls brand, each Fleshjack Boys masturbation sleeve is an exact replica of the star’s anatomy. If you’ve ever fantasized about getting to fuck Boomer Banks’ tight ass, now is your chance as this toy is moulded directly from the actor himself! This product includes an Boomer Banks Signature Butt Sleeve and a unique Fleshjack Pearlescent Blue Case.

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Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks Sonic Boom

Unleashing the BOOMER BANKS Sonic Boom, a masterpiece of pleasure designed with exacting details to mimic the irresistible anatomy of the porn sensation, Boomer Banks. This isn’t just another toy; it’s an experience, a chance to be intimately connected with Boomer’s tight ass, molded directly from the actor himself. This mesmerizing product is composed of a Boomer Banks Signature Butt Sleeve (22.86 centimeters) and housed in a unique Fleshjack Pearlescent Blue Case.

Boomer Banks, a name synonymous with perfection, tantalizes and teases with a perfect rippled body and stimulating moves that have turned heads and hearts in his extraordinary porn shoots. This legend, a blend of charisma and sex appeal, designs clothes that are as hot and sexy as the man himself. Co-owner and designer at BCALLA, his designs grace both celebrities and everyday folks, making him a beacon of style and sensuality.

His body is a canvas, adorned with tattoos that form a living mural, a breathtaking work of art that’s more than just skin-deep. Although Boomer humbly denies the 22.86-centimeter measurement of his Fleshjack model, one look at him reveals an alluring truth beyond the numbers. This Mexican-born porn legend not only makes waves on the runway but also advocates passionately for the LGBTQ community, inspiring others to embrace their true selves.

His filmography is rich with varied roles, ranging from passionate coupled gay sex to wild threesomes. With a preference for topping and an open mind to any sexual position, Boomer represents both fun and responsibility. He is an advocate for safe sex, firmly believing, “Safe sex is sexy.”

But the man is more than his movies. Boomer’s love for design and collaboration as the head designer at BANKKS, creating queer, gender-fluid clothing, is a testament to his creativity and vision. In his words, “I am a designer, and it’s my passion and my art, and nothing will compare to that.”

Now, let’s dive into the sensual details of the BOOMER BANKS Sonic Boom. Picture this: an engaging conversation with Boomer, the arousal building, and those strong hands guiding you into realms of ecstasy. The fantasy doesn’t end there, as the Fleshjack Sonic Boom sleeve beckons with 21.59 centimeters of pure bliss.

Feel the swirl sensation teasing your tip, tantalizing enough to send sonic waves through your body. But wait, there’s more. Dive deeper to be engulfed by tight yet tender strokes of sheer pleasure. Enhance the experience with Fleshjack Lubricant, and imagine the hard-muscled tattooed man giving himself over to you, coaxing you to a climax you won’t soon forget.

Steamy sexuality and rugged masculinity combine with a heart of inclusiveness in the BOOMER BANKS Sonic Boom. If these elements set your pulse racing, look no further. Fulfill your desire with this precise replica, and let the enigmatic charm of Boomer Banks become a tangible part of your world. This Fleshjack model isn’t merely a toy; it’s a ticket to a realm where dreams, desire, and the sensation of Boomer’s touch are yours to explore. The BOOMER BANKS Sonic Boom is calling; are you ready to answer?

Color: FleshTone
Orifice: Boomer Banks Butt
Canal Diameter 1/2 inch (1.3 cm)
Texture: Sonic Boom
Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Diameter 4 inches to 2.5 inches (10.2 to 6.4 cm)
Case: Pearlescent Blue Case Included
Retail Packaging: Included
SKU: 810476012304