Fleshjack Boys Calvin Banks Spank Bank

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In stock

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Fleshjack Boys Calvin Banks Spank Bank

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with the Fleshjack Boys Calvin Banks Dildo, a replica of an award-winning cock that’s designed to ignite your senses and fulfill your deepest desires. Calvin Banks, renowned for making fans scream with pleasure on screen, is now available to entice and excite you in the privacy of your own space. Brace yourself; this is no ordinary toy!

Boasting a fleshtone color that looks as real as it feels, this masterpiece is made with the highest quality, platinum-cured silicone. You’ll be impressed by its authenticity, as Calvin’s toy has his signature size and slight curve that’ll make you yearn for more.


The dildo measures a tantalizing 19.7 cm to the base, including balls, which is sure to satisfy your craving for something substantial. With an insertable length of 15.25 cm, it’s perfect for those who want to push the boundaries of pleasure and explore new horizons.

And that’s not all; the circumference of 15.25 cm at the base of the shaft adds an extra touch of intensity, promising an experience that’s as close to Calvin Banks as you’re ever going to get.

The possibilities are endless with the base of the dildo, featuring a silicone plug that can be removed to insert the Fleshjack Dildo Suction Cup. Say goodbye to those lonely nights, mornings, or afternoons and hello to hands-free fun that puts you in control.

In addition to these enticing features, the dildo also comes with retail packaging, ensuring that it reaches you in pristine condition and ready to rock your world.

Embrace the excitement, the thrill, and the pure ecstasy that the Fleshjack Boys Calvin Banks Dildo brings to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of pleasure or looking to explore new terrain, this is the toy that promises an unforgettable adventure.

Get lost in the sensation, let your imagination run wild, and surrender to the pleasure that only Calvin Banks can deliver. This is more than just a dildo; it’s a ticket to a world where fantasies come alive, where pleasure knows no bounds, and where satisfaction is just a heartbeat away.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Experience the Fleshjack Boys Calvin Banks Dildo, a toy that promises to keep you coming back for more. It’s not just about sensation; it’s about a journey, a story, and an adventure that’s uniquely yours. Dive in, explore, and let Calvin Banks take you to places you’ve never been before. It’s time to embrace the pleasure; your award-winning experience awaits!

Color: Light Flesh Tone
Orifice: Calvin Banks Butt
Canal Diameter Varies from 0.3″ to 1″ in diameter
Texture: Spank Bank
Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Diameter 4 inches to 2.5 inches (10.2 to 6.4 cm)
Case: Fleshjack Pearl Blue Case Included
Retail Packaging: Included
SKU: 810476012618