Holiday Metallic Stocking Stuffers 6 Pack

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In stock

Holiday Metallic Stocking Stuffer Set

Get ready to dazzle and shine this holiday season with the Holiday Metallic Stocking Stuffers. Whether you’re gifting it to a leather-loving friend or treating yourself to a touch of extravagance, this stunning collection will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offering! Treat yourself or someone special to the Holiday Metallic Stocking Stuffers and revel in the splendour they bring.

Box contains:

  • 2 Double Scorpio Gold 15mL. This leather cleaner is truly a luxurious experience, elegantly presented in a shiny gold bottle. It blends a Holy Trinity of three isomers, creating a complex and powerful formula that will leave you impressed. But it’s not just about the formula – the scent of papaya essence adds a smooth and sweet touch to enhance your experience.
  • Double Scorpio White Gold 15mL. With a powerful blend of three isomers, this scent is pure sophistication, honey. Enjoy the smooth and sweet touch of papaya essence, perfectly complemented by the stunning gold bottle. When you unveil this gem from your nightstand, you’ll exude elegance and command the respect of everyone in the room. Unleash your inner diva with Double Scorpio White Gold and be the queen or king you were born to be!
  • 2 Double Scorpio Rose Gold 15mL. Rose gold is crafted with Double Scorpio’s most intricate formula to date, featuring a Holy Trinity of three isomers that create an unmatched experience. Encased in a stunning rose gold bottle, it exudes sophistication and elegance – like having luxury in a bottle! And the best part? There are no synthetic fragrances here, only 100% real, high-quality floral essences that create an extraordinary scent.

Double Scorpio Poppers

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