Rush Original Extreme EU Formula Tall 30ml


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Rush Original Tall Extreme EU Formula

Formula: Pentyl Nitrite

Introducing the all-new Rush Original Extreme EU Formula in a sleek and practical tall 30ml bottle! Designed for those who desire a stronger and longer-lasting aroma experience. Slip it right into your pocket and let the excitement unfold anywhere!

You can’t miss the iconic yellow label and the striking red lightning bolt – symbols of the unrivaled power that Rush brings to the table. With countless satisfied customers across the European market, it’s no wonder Rush poppers are the go-to poppers for enthusiasts.

Unleash your wildest desires with this erotic aroma – an invitation to an intense session full of lust, horniness, and unbridled pleasure. The extra strong Pentyl formula of the Original Rush works its magic swiftly, enhancing every single erotic sensation as you approach climax.

Imagine the possibilities of explosive orgasms as you surrender to the tantalizing effects of Rush in the comfort of your bedroom. It effortlessly elevates your solo escapades, making them more exhilarating and satisfying. But Rush doesn’t stop there – it’s your partner in hot foreplay and sensual lovemaking too, adding an extra layer of excitement to every intimate encounter.

Elevate your leather cleaning adventures with the all-new Rush Original Extreme EU Formula Tall 30ml. Order yours now and let the rush take over!

Compatible with the following:

XTRM SNFFR ® for the finest kick, with no contact to the aroma. Best to order with all your popper purchases!

Important: this type of bottle does contain 30ml of liquid, but it is not filled to the brim so that the aroma can develop for best effects.

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