XTRM X-Stopper

$ 20.00


Large, Small

Introducing the XTRM X-Stopper, the ultimate solution for all you leather cleaner enthusiasts out there! Say goodbye to those frustrating spills and hello to a perfectly organized collection with our innovative product.

With the XTRM X-Stopper, you no longer have to worry about your precious poppers toppling over and creating a mess during storage. It’s as easy as ABC – just insert your bottle into the stand and place it securely in a drawer or refrigerator. The days of sticky and wasted spills are now a thing of the past!

Not sure which size is right for your collection? Don’t fret! Our team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect fit.

  • Size Small is specially designed for small 9–10ml bottles, narrow tall bottles, and narrow aluminum bottles and Double Scorpio bottles,  ensuring a snug and secure grip.
  • Size Large, on the other hand, is exclusively crafted for large square bottles of 2430ml. We’ve got you covered, no matter your preferred size!

Please note that the bottle is not included in the package, but don’t worry – we have a delightful surprise for you! The colour design of your XTRM X-Stopper is purely random, unless you specify your preference. Get ready to add a touch of fun to your storage routine!

Crafted with precision in Austria, you can trust the quality and durability of our product. The XTRM X-Stopper is designed to keep your poppers safe and sound, preventing any accidents or spills. It’s time to take your leather cleaner collection to the next level!

Don’t let your precious poppers go to waste. Get your hands on the XTRM X-Stopper and experience the difference. Say goodbye to spills and hello to organized perfection. Order your XTRM X-Stopper today and revolutionize the way you store your leather cleaners!