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Sagami Original 0.02 Polyurethane Condom 6 Pack

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Quick Overview

Sagami Original 0.02 Polyurethane Condom 6 Pack

Sagami has more than 30 years research on the condom industry and use polyurethane instead of latex for their Sagami Original condoms due to the material’s high biocompatibility and reliability.

Product Features:

Thinness: Sagami Original condoms are one of the thinnest condoms in the world and they are half the thickness of normal latex condoms.
Toughness: Approx. 3 times higher bursting pressure and 2 times higher tensile strength in comparing with normal latex condoms.
Heat conductivity: With its superior heat conductivity, heat is transmitted to your partner as if almost no condom was being used.
Size: Width 58 ± 2 mm; Length: 190 ± 10 mm
Odourless: It contains no protein, so there is no rubber latex smell.
Oil resistance
Long life
Latex allergy free
Sagami Original 0.02 Polyurethane Condom 6 Pack

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