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UP Oil 10ml

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Quick Overview

Want to find that young man’s libido again? Or just want to notch it up to 11? A little UP Oil™ applied everyday will help set the stage for mind-blowing sex.

UP Oil is a male virility oil specially designed to intensify and build the sensual experience. The natural plant enzymes and extracts in UP Oil work directly on the penile tissue to create a lasting, deep erotic sensations that is fun, pleasurable and highly sensual. Best of all, it builds over time so you can add up the benefits while you have your fun.

UP Oil is all natural. It uses a combination of libido-enhancing, ultra-purified oils, sourced in Australia and blended together to give you a longer lasting, erotically sensual, heighten sexual experience. It’s good for men of all ages-for the young bucking broncos and for the silver daddies and provides essential conditioning vitamins and minerals for your sexual functioning and health.

Prescription products may deliver a one-off mechanical fix to help you win the race that one time, but they are not designed to offer the deep sensual pleasure of a topical oil, nor are they designed to keep your piston in top condition for the many races ahead.

UP Oil is fun to apply (no taking nasty pills). Simply massage UP Oil into your penile skin and shaft. Once applied, it maybe hard to ignore what your have going on down there…

Use UP Oil any time of the day, with no restrictions or set time frames. Apply it after the shower, after the gym, before you go out, or just for the heck of it – it gives you a sexy sensual feeling every time. UP Oil is not a lubricant, so it is easily absorbed and not greasy. It comes in three perfect sizes, ideal for your cabinet, gym bag or travel kit.
UP Oil 10ml

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