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Wet Stuff Gold 550g

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Quick Overview

Wet Stuff Gold 550g is a long- lasting, clear water- based lubricant. It is the perfect product to supplement your natural lubrication before or during sex. The majority of people find Wet Stuff Gold to be their ideal choice of lube as it has an extremely silky texture and is suitable for oral, vaginal and anal uses. Gel Works designed warming lubricants with Wet Stuff Gold in 1933 and has since created ground- breaking products. Wet Stuff Gold is an updated version of the original gold formula and has become one of the biggest selling products in the Gel Works range. The revised Wet Stuff Gold Formula is instilled with water retaining compounds, designed to you’re your body’s most sensitive parts. We recommend mixing Wet Stuff Gold with an equal quantity of water as it becomes three degrees hotter! The Wet Stuff Gold 550g, is the ideal size as it is an extremely economical and long lasting product with an easy to use pump.

Does not alter natural pH.
Free from sugars, perfumes, colourings and oils.
Low irritant formulation.
As with all products. if irritation occurs, discontinue use; if it persists, consult a doctor.
For fabrics, soak in water only, then rinse before a normal cold wash. Sponge out of carpet with plain water.
Very slippery if spilled, so clean up immediately.
Store in a clean, dry place at room temperature.
Wet Stuff Gold 550g

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