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At Poppers by Post, we make it easy to get the amyl Australia and New Zealand users know they can count on for quality and value.

We are passionate about sourcing and supplying only the best quality poppers, amyl nitrite and video head cleaner to our customers. Order your poppers through our secure online store and we’ll send them through the post to you, quickly and discreetly.

As experts in pleasure enhancement, we stay on top of new brands from poppers manufacturers as well as from your favourite sex toy producers. Our commitment is bringing you products you love and trust, as well as offering you a great range of new fun and exciting products to try.


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Why buy from Poppers by Post?

Whether you’re looking for some extra fun in the bedroom or on the dance floor, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of amyl nitrite online turn a dull night into an evening to remember!

The experts at Poppers by Post have scoured the world for the best range of products. Some poppers we carry are exclusive, just for our customers. You can rely on us for both premium quality and for the strongest possible products on the market today.

  • We stock some of the best brands of poppers and leather cleaner Australia offers, including Jungle Juice, Rush, Double Scorpio and Amsterdam
  • Poppers by Post offers large aluminium bottles of premium grade video head cleaner
  • The fun doesn’t stop with poppers. We also stock a wide range of sex toys for men
  • We don’t take your business for granted. Delighted customers keep coming back to order from Poppers by Post for a bunch of great reasons, including:
  • All poppers, from Jungle Juice, Ram Gold to Dragon Max and everything in between are in stock in Australia and dispatched within 24 hours
  • Great selection of all the most popular poppers, juice poppers and rush poppers in a variety of sizes
  • 10ml poppers
  • 15ml poppers
  • 24ml poppers
  • 30ml poppers
  • Large bottle of video head cleaner
  • Party packs are great for trying out a selection with friends
  • Discounts available for larger orders: call us for details
  • Sydney and residents of major cities can get next-day delivery
  • Purchase your male sex toys along with your poppers for double the fun
  • Excellent customer service you can depend on


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All About Poppers By Post

If you’ve been searching for amyl nitrite poppers in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Poppers by Post is dedicated to supplying you with the freshest highest quality poppers possible. We receive deliveries every week from PWD Brand Poppers and Lockerroom directly from the USA and Canada. Poppers by Post sells your favourite aromas in quantities you prefer, from individual bottles of rush poppers, juice poppers and party packs, up to 20 packs.

As a shipping partner, PWD Brands supplies us with many of our biggest selling poppers, which include Rush along with the new Super Rush Black label, now available in 10ml bottles for your convenience.

Our inventory also includes the larger 15ml bottles, with your favourite local products, such as Ram Gold, Dragon Max and Red Satyr.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so all of these imported bottles are made from the finest quality ingredients. This is why we receive so much repeat business from satisfied customers and enjoy a stellar reputation in the market.

Lockerroom has been supplying Poppers by Post with Jungle Juice, our biggest selling brand for many years now. Jungle Juice Gold, the triple distilled formula, has become a firm favourite. We also carry two sizes of Jungle juice Platinum and 2 sizes of Jungle Juice Black renowned for its superior longer lasting effects. Lockerroom also supplies us with their original product Locker Room as well as Blue Boy in the 10ml bottles plus a larger range of 30ml bottles. One of the top sellers for Poppers by Post is Lockerroom’s revamped Amsterdam formula, Amsterdam Special in a 30ml bottle for longer lasting use, which you’ll love once you give it a try. Other products available now in our 30ml range include Iron Horse, Colt Fuel and the often difficult-to-find Z-Best.

If you are a fan of Double Scorpio, look no further than Poppers by Post. We stock the full range of 15ml bottles including the luxuriously complex Double Scorpio Gold and the strong hit of the Double Scorpio Black. Or if you’re looking for something a little refreshing why not try the Double Scorpio Emerald. We are confident you’ll find a product you’ll love.

Our commitment to you is to provide the finest and freshest poppers available, made from the highest quality ingredients and produced under stringent manufacturing practices. You can buy and use our products with complete confidence.

Express Shipping

We ship our poppers and leather cleaner products to Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Poppers by Post is based out of Sydney and offers next day delivery for local orders and major Australian cities. Order online today for poppers Sydney partiers love and we’ll show you why Poppers by Post has become a favourite Aussie poppers supplier.

  • Fast and discreet delivery with free shipping on orders over $100
  • Fast shipping to PO Boxes, Parcel Collect and Parcel Lockers
  • Bottles wrapped carefully in bubble wrap, to ensure they arrive in perfect condition
  • Discretion is our priority – our parcel labels do not mention the contents nor our company name – we aim to protect our customers’ privacy

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