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Jungle Juice Poppers

What is Jungle Juice?

Jungle Juice is an amyl nitrite leather cleaner, also known as Jungle Juice Amyl or Poppers. We sell these products for leather cleaning purposes, but some users have found that inhaling the fumes when leaving the lid open during cleaning, can create intoxicating effects.

Jungle Juice Effects

It’s been found that inhaling the jungle juice leather cleaner relaxes the body and gives a ‘rush’ that lasts for 1-2 minutes. To find out more about jungle juice poppers and it’s history,  read our article ‘All About Jungle Juice Poppers’.

Buy Jungle Juice Australia

Considering where to buy Jungle Juice online? At Poppers By Post, we are Australia’s largest supplier of poppers, including this extremely popular brand. Besides the extremely popular and famous Jungle Juice label, Lockerroom own and produce many other famous labels such as: Amsterdam, Blue Boy, Fetish, Iron Horse and even Rochefort.

Jungle Juice Platinum

Jungle Juice Platinum has been the best-selling amyl leather cleaner of the entire Jungle Juice range since its launch. It rapidly became a global hit and it’s now common street terminology for the LGBTQI+ community.

For a long period of time, amyl poppers were described as a gay drug. This was due to the fact that many gay men found it increased their libido and also loosened anal muscles to make anal sex easier and more pleasurable. In more recent years, people of all different ages and sexual orientations are using Jungle Juice. This is largely related to it being taken into the party scene making appearances at festivals, bush doofs, and raves. Please note, we do not sell our leather cleaners for inhaling purposes. 

Jungle Juice Black Label

Jungle Juice Black is made from a combination of nitrites, this time pentyl nitrite and alkyl nitrites. Many users agree of the strong and satisfying sensation of Jungle Juice Black Label stating, “You’ll be plunged in a dark and sensual universe that will stimulate your pleasure. It will also make you lose all your inhibitions and satisfy all your sexual drive.” 


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