Double Scorpio Popper Caps

Enhance your popping adventure with Double Scorpio Popper Caps. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, these innovative caps take your popping experience to a whole new level. From intensified aromas to effortless usage,  these caps are the must-have accessory for any popper enthusiast seeking an elevated and exhilarating journey.

So why choose a Double Scorpio popper cap for your next leather cleaning adventure?

  1. They are specifically engineered to intensify the aromas of your favorite poppers. These caps snugly fit on your popper bottle, optimizing the airflow and allowing you to fully savor the captivating scents and flavors.
  2. Say goodbye to spills and leaks. These popper accessories offer a hassle-free popping experience. Simply attach the cap to your popper bottle, and you’re ready to embark on your popping adventure.
  3. Compatible with Double Scorpio popper bottles and a wide range of other brands.

Experience the full potential of your poppers with Double Scorpio and unlock a new level of popping satisfaction.


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