Teledildonic Sex Toys

Teledildonic Sex Toys allow for remote sex (mutual masturbation), whereby pleasure sensations are able to be remote-controlled by a partner at a distance via an app, or computer software.

Teledildonics are sex toys that utilize Bluetooth technology. They are frequently used within the webcam industry: viewers of a live stream are able to take control of the vibrations of the performer’s toy by being given permission by the performer to act as the designated controller.

Some teledildonic toys are also able to be connected with porn videos; the toy is synchronized with what is taking place in the scene.

Teledildonics are a highly innovative category of sex toys that are designed to enhance intimacy between partners, no matter the distance.

We stock Teledildonic Sex Toys in the form of masturbators, cock rings, butt plugs, and prostate massagers.

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