XTRM Popper Bottles

XTRM Poppers Australia

Here at Poppers By Post we are so excited to introduce to you Deutschland’s  XTRM Poppers. A potent brand of poppers with a cool long lasting effect, constant reliability when you need it most! Germany has long been associated with excellent engineering and reliability and the same can be said of its poppers!

Deutschland’s XTRM leather cleaner are a longstanding market leader in the underground scene of German clubland. Made of the purest ingredients XTRM aromas are undoubtedly one of the strongest of the Super brand of poppers. It will suit both those who are used to strong sensations thanks to its powerful, smooth aroma and those who want to discover new disinhibiting and euphoric effects.

XTRM will suit everyone whether you want to take it to parties, but also if you want to use it during sex to accentuate excitement and pleasure!


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