Balldo Set – Grey

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Balldo Set – Grey

Get ready to revolutionize your bedroom adventures with the Balldo Set in Grey! Prepare yourself for an experience like no other as we introduce you to the world’s first ball-dildo, the magnificent Balldo™. Say goodbye to ordinary sex and brace yourself for a ballsex revolution!

Unlock the gateway to extraordinary pleasure with your very own Balldo Set, complete with a Balldo and two spacer rings. We’ve got you covered, ensuring you have everything you need to dive into the exciting world of ballsex. Made from phthalate-free silicone, the Balldo features a super stretchy upper ring, making it as easy to put on and take off as slipping into your favorite underwear.


Let’s break it down step by step, shall we?

Step 1: Trim your ball hair and lube up. We recommend keeping it to a tidy 1/4 inch length. Trust us, it’s worth the effort!

Step 2: Stretch the Balldo™ over your balls. It’s like dressing them up for a grand adventure!

Step 3: Add the spacer ring(s) for extra stability, and get ready to insert it into your partner. The Balldo™ takes teamwork to a whole new level!

Now, let’s dive into the impressive tech specs of the Balldo™:

After three years of development and over 100 prototypes, we’ve refined the Balldo™ to deliver maximum pleasure with unmatched ease of use.

• The tip is no wider than most cocks, ensuring a comfortable fit.

• Crafted from skin-safe ultra platinum silicone, guaranteeing both strength and safety.

• The stretchy upper ring allows for easy on-and-off without any discomfort to your balls. No pain, all gain!

• We’ve added a patented super-strong inner core to prevent collapsing during thrusting. It’s all about stability, folks!

• The package includes two spacer rings to make your balls rigid enough for penetration. We’ve got your back, no matter your size.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions to ensure you’re fully informed:

Did you know that the male scrotal sack is packed with nearly as many nerve endings as the vulva? It’s true! That’s why we’ve tapped into this erogenous zone to bring you the Balldo™, patented in the UK and pending international recognition. Get ready for “Ballsex” and potentially your first “Ballgasm”!

How does it work, you ask? Well, when the Balldo™ is fitted to a man’s scrotum, it allows him to penetrate his partner with his balls, delivering a unique and mind-blowing experience for both parties. It’s like having a second penis, providing a whole new level of stimulation and pleasure.

But wait, there’s more! The Balldo™ isn’t just about penetration—it’s about exploration. Experiment with various positions, such as doggy style or double penetration, and find what sends you both over the edge. Let your imagination run wild!

Now, let’s talk about size. The Balldo™ is designed to accommodate balls of average size, approximately 4-5.1cm long, 3cm high, and 2cm wide. Don’t worry; we’ve considered different factors like loose skin and fluid in the scrotum. However, if you have exceptionally large balls, you might want to reconsider your purchase or compare your size to the models in our training videos on

Oh, and what’s a Ballgasm, you ask? Well, it’s an intense, slow-building, and earth-shattering experience for the wearer. When your balls are inside someone, and you’re penetrating with them, the sensation is mind-blowing

Frequently Asked Questions
The Balldo™ is the first in a series of products we have designed that utilise the much-underused erogenous zone of the male scrotum or balls.

Did you know that the male scrotal sack has virtually the same amount of nerve endings as the woman’s vulva? This is because it’s essentially the same skin as the outer labia – just separated at birth as it were!

The Balldo™ has been under development for three years and is now patented in the UK and patent pending internationally. The Balldo™ allows the wearer and recipient to have ‘Ballsex’ and also potentially to have their first ‘Ballgasm’!

How does it work?
When fitted to a man’s scrotum, it will allow him to use his balls to penetrate his partner and release a totally new type of sexual experience and pleasure for both. The Balldo™ encapsulates the balls and ‘presents’ them in a specially designed cage that allows them to be inserted and then thrusted into a vagina or anus.

Effectively your balls become a second penis, with their own unique feeling of stimulation for both the wearer and the recipient.

The cage is very soft on the outside but internally is fitted with a strong inner core which ensures that the tip and side legs stay rigid enough to easily penetrate an orifice.

What are the Spacer Rings for?
The Balldo™ also ships with two ‘spacer rings’ – these are pulled over the Balldo™ and sit between its base and your abdomen. Their purpose is to take up the slack in your scrotal skin and extend the Balldo™ and balls away from your body to make it rigid against your abdomen and make penetration effective. With both rings fitted the Balldo™ is 7 inches long – the same as the average penis.
You might need more or less spacer rings depending on how loose the skin is at the top of your balls.

Will Balldo fit my balls?
According to published research data the average size of an individual ‘ball’ – (that is the hard bit inside your soft scrotal sack) is 4-5.1cm long x 3cm high x 2cm wide. The Balldo is designed for balls of this size give or take 1 cm in all dimensions. There are many additional factors that affect size such as the amount of loose skin in the scrotal sack and the amount of fluid in the sack. In general the balldo fits most guys – if you know you have exceptionally large balls then you may wish to reconsider purchasing. Again take a look at the training videos on to compare your balls to the models.

Are there different sizes of balldo?
No – the reason being that if we made the balldo larger for guys with extra large balls the the partners hole would also need to be extra large – this would make the product very niche.

What is a Ballgasm?
For the wearer – once inside, thrusting comes instinctively and bizarrely feels like normal sex. However, the sensation is very deep and unusual because your balls are inside someone and you are actually penetrating with them.

This sensation can trigger what we at Nadgerz Inc have termed a ‘Ballgasm’.

Ballgasms are slow building, long lasting and earth shattering as the body and mind doesn’t actually know where the trigger is coming from. We cannot promise that you will attain a Ballgasm as everyones stimulation points and levels of arousal are different. However we have had Ballgasms reported in the major media – such as in Cosmopolitan and Girly Juice (see reviews on our homepage)

For the partner – the Balldo™ is naturally nice, thick and filling, its 2 inches in diameter so will be slightly bigger than most are used to. When the balls pass ‘the wall’ inside you there is that satisfying ‘plop’ feeling and the balls can clearly be felt locking into the anus or vagina – kind of like a butt plug.

The excitement of having a man’s balls in your anus or vagina adds the extra level of arousal leading to unusual orgasms. For women, when in the missionary position with legs back by head, the Balldo™ sandwiches the clitoris against the base of the penis and the spacer rings, this intense rubbing can lead to rapid orgasms.

Can the Balldo be used if I suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction)?
Every case of ED is different and of course you should contact your doctor first before using Balldo. That being said, Balldo™ can be used to penetrate a partner regardless of the state of the penis. It can also provide ‘feeling’ and stimulation for the wearer unlike a strap-on or splint which are commonly used in these cases.

What is the balldo made from?
The Balldo™ is made from the highest grade of silicone which is 100% body safe material widely used in human prosthetics, medical devices and special effects make up. This material is tear resistant and very strong but at the same time, very soft and stretchy.

What type of lube should I use?
As the Balldo™ is made from skin-safe silicone – remember to only use lube that is water based. Do not use silicone-based lube.

What do I need to do to prepare for ballsex?
Step 1 – Manscaping
You heard it! Give your marbles a good close trim before you use balldo™. If you aren’t familiar with trimming your ball hair there are plenty of guides online.

Essentially you can carefully use a beard trimmer whilst stretching out your scrotal skin. Do not use a razor! Your target length should be as close as you can get – i.e., no more than ½ inch or 12mm.

Why shave? It will avoid any uncomfortable tugging or pulling of those long straggly pubes which can spoil the experience or make it painful to remove the Balldo™. Do your manscaping at least 24 hours before using Balldo™ to allow for any skin irritation to go away before using the toy.

Step 2 Lube them up!
Using a water based lube is essential for ease of sliding the balldo™ onto your sack. Apply a light covering all over your balls and also on the inside of balldo™.

You should also lube the spacer rings in readiness for fitting.

Step 3 – Fit the Balldo – Stretch and release
Now the tricky part. There is a knack to getting the balldo™ comfortably on the balls.

It is best to perhaps sit on the edge of a toilet seat or bed or stand up.
Make sure your balls are warm, we all know what happens to balls if they are cold!
Once in position, you need to ‘fluff your balls’ a little to pull them down from the abdomen. To do this put your thumb and first finger around the top of your scrotum and gently tug them down a few times.
Now with both hands hold your balldo™ under your ball and stretch its ring as wide open as you need to – don’t worry it won’t break if you stretch it hard.
Bring it up over your balls, using your thumbs to push your balls inside the cage. It is often easier to push one ball in at a time.
Make sure the ring sits at the base of your scrotum and that your ball sack is evenly split by the toy with one ball popping out of each side of the balldo™ chamber.
Give a gentle sideways, outward pull to each ball’s skin to make sure they are in place and there is no stretched skin.

Step 4: Get your rings on
The balldo™ comes in a kit with two spacer rings that provide extra rigidity to your scrotum and to make the balls further away from the body. This makes it easier to insert it inside your partner’s vagina or anus and helps it stay in position.

The rings are always pulled on after fitting the Balldo™ first and must be stretched and pulled over the top of the already fitted balldo™ and then correctly seated behind it in-between its base and your abdomen.

Apply lube to each ring if you haven’t already.
With both hands, hold it under your balls, stretch it as much as you can (again don’t worry you won’t break it) and slide it over balldo™.
The ring must sit above balldo™ and around the neck of your sack. For extra rigidity, apply the other ring.
We sell additional spacer rings separately as some men may have quite loose balls sack skin.

How do I use the Balldo?
Super Important Tips – READ FIRST!

The best positions for using the Balldo™ are with the wearer standing on the floor and their partner on their back on a couch, table or bed with their legs pulled back near their shoulders or up by the wearers shoulders and their lower body curled up so that the chosen hole is as close to the angle of the hanging Balldo™ as possible.

The wearer should then bear down on their partner who should assist them by pulling the Balldo™ into them by putting their fingers on each hand around the back of the spacer rings and pull it into them.

The wearer should be standing or kneeling at a height that makes it easy for entry. We strongly recommend that you try this position first and then experiment after.

Getting the tip of the balldo™ in is easy but getting the balls in the first time might require assistance from your partner who can carefully grab the lowest of the rings (nearest the body) with their fingers and slowly pull you into them .

How will we know when it’s inside?
With a satisfying plop!

Once in, the balldo™ will usually stay in – kind of like a butt plug and light thrusting can be done repeatedly without the balldo™ coming out.

Other positions to try after you get the above right are doggy and DP (double penetration either stacked or one in each hole) – experiment and enjoy!!!!

Another interesting use you might want to try is to wear your balldo™ when not having sex, it can pack out your paunch and give you a nice edging feeling during the day!

How do I remove the Balldo?
Once you finish your sexual encounter, it is easy to remove the balldo™ and rings. Firstly, remove the balldo™ by stretching the silicone with both hands as you did to put it on. Next you can remove the spacer rings in the same manner.

Before inserting a sex toy anywhere in your body make sure that it is absolutely clean to avoid the risk of infection. Wash your toy before and after use with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner that is suitable for use with Silicone toys, or warm water and mild castille soap like Dr Bronners
DO use a sex toy cleaner for extra peace of mind
DO leave your balldo to air dry thoroughly (laid on kitchen paper is ideal), or dry with a clean towel
DON’T put your balldo away before they are totally dry
DON’T put your balldo in the dishwasher or microwave
DON’T leave your balldo on a radiator or next to a heat source to dry