Buttr Fist Butter 500ml


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Buttr Fist Butter 500ml

Indulge in the ultimate ecstasy of your desires with the luxurious BUTTR Fisting Butter – your one-stop solution for an exceptional fisting experience! This sensually smooth, decadently thick anal lubricant not only facilitates effortless penetration but caresses your skin with a gentleness that will leave you craving for more. Its creamy consistency retains its charm for a prolonged period, ensuring a ride of uninterrupted pleasure.

With a generous capacity of 500ml, this luxurious fisting butter is housed in a large pot, making those applications of additional lubricant as effortless as the experience it promises. Now, the power of exceptional pleasure is at your fingertips. All you need to do is dive into your sensuous journey and leave the rest to us. Our large pot of luxury ensures you are never a moment away from joyous pleasure and liberating indulgence.

Crafted to perfection, the BUTTR Fisting Butter is free from perfumes, promising an uninhibited and authentic experience that puts you and your pleasure at the center of its universe. Let the naturally smooth texture of the butter be the harbinger of unforgettable moments and memories.

Our luxurious fisting butter is lovingly created using petroleum jelly and octyldodecanol, ingredients that are known for their skin-loving benefits. This duo works in harmony to gift you the smoothest, most enjoyable experience possible.

So why wait? Transform your moments of intimacy into a symphony of pleasure with the BUTTR Fisting Butter. This is not just a product – it’s a ticket to a world where pleasure and comfort come hand in hand. Let the smooth glide of our luxury butter be the soundtrack to your intimate moments, turning every second into a memory etched in the annals of sensuous pleasure.

Experience the touch of luxury. Experience BUTTR.