Fleshlight Universal Launch

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In stock

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Fleshlight Universal Launch

Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a revelation in pleasure – the Universal Launch, an automated Fleshlight experience that’s ready to take most of your Fleshlight toys (and other masturbators) on a wild ride of ecstasy.

Have you ever wished for a hands-free, fully customizable escapade that’s all about your satisfaction? Allow me to introduce you to this magnificent machine, where raw power meets sultry sophistication. No need for manual labor here; your Universal Launch will cater to your every whim.

Fasten your favorite Fleshlight securely into the Universal Launch’s embrace, using the innovative Universal Ratcheting System. Slide it through the entrancing gripped circular opening, and when it’s nestled into that perfect spot, take control with the large latch to tighten up the grip. Remember, fellas, handle with care; too much tightening might damage your stroker or the Universal Launch.

When it’s time to power up, prepare to be spoiled by the many delightful features of this robust device. Its user-friendly, luminescent rocker switches are your keys to pleasure, allowing you to adjust between four variable stroke lengths and stroke speeds, moving at a sensational rate of up to 250 strokes per minute. Craving a more focused experience? Target the pleasure zones – base, shaft, or tip – and let the Universal Launch take you to uncharted territories of delight.

What’s that on top? A universal smartphone mount, ready to play your favorite content and set the mood while you master the controls with both hands. And with a full charge, your pleasure can extend up to 60 minutes – or simply plug into the wall and enjoy the tantalizing Fleshlight Active Launch Mode without interruption.

Inside the Universal Launch package, you’ll find:
– Universal Launch™ (a sleek beast of machinery)
– Universal Smartphone Mount (for that extra visual inspiration)
– Power Cable (ready to fuel your fire)
– Quickstart Guide & Instruction Manual (because a gentleman reads the instructions)

A small note: the Fleshlight itself is not included, but worry not – the Universal Launch is eager to meet your existing collection.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your solo endeavors to new heights of pleasure, the Universal Launch is waiting to take command. Secure, slide, grip, power up, and let the ecstasy begin. Here’s to a world where masculine desire meets the sophistication of automated indulgence – because you deserve nothing but the extraordinary.