HiSmith Capsule – App Control

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In stock

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HiSmith Capsule – App Control

Step into the captivating world of pleasure with the HiSmith Capsule – App Control, an exquisite fusion of power and portability that promises to take your intimate moments to new heights. The Hismith Rechargeable Programmable Sex Machine redefines satisfaction with its compact design, and with a staggering 370 RPM penetration prowess, it’s the perfect companion for those seeking the ultimate indulgence.

Bid farewell to cumbersome cords and embrace the convenience of a rechargeable marvel that grants you a blissful 60 minutes of unadulterated pleasure after just 2 hours of charging. No more hassles, just endless enjoyment, wherever your desires take you.

Experience the thrill of remote and app-controlled ecstasy, the HiSmith Capsule responds to your every whim, allowing you to share control and pleasure even across distances. For lovers separated by miles, this is your intimate bridge to euphoria.

Prepare to be captivated by its rich spectrum of speeds and frequencies, boasting 4 built-in modes that you can further personalize through the Hismith App. Tailor your experience with dynamic speeds that evolve as you follow the program, offering an experience like no other.

Elevate your encounter with the adjustable angle feature, providing a range from 0 to 120 degrees. Its newfound stability is further enhanced by an upgraded super strong suction cup, designed to cater to various scenarios and positions.

– Masterful Control: App & Remote controlled
– Dynamic Exploration: Adjustable angle from 0-120 degrees
– Unstoppable Stability: Super Powerful Suction Cup
– Thrust Like Never Before: Powerful Thrusting Speed
– On-the-Go Pleasure: Portable & KlicLok System
– Ever-Evolving Pleasure: Continuous Features Update
– Infinite Options: 4 built-in modes programmable via the app

– Size: 19 X 6 cm
– Battery Type: Model 902830, 3.7V/1250mAh
– Motor Speed: 370RPM
– Motor Strength: 50 N.cm torque
– Charging Input Current: 500mA
– Charging Adapter Specification: 5V/1A
– 2 hours charge for 60 minutes of indulgence
– Max Noise: 63dB
– Connector: KlicLok System

Enhance your adventure with:
– Silicone Dildo:
– Total Length: 18cm (7.1in)
– Insertable: 16cm (6.3in)
– Girth: 11cm (4.35in)
– Diameter: 3.5cm (1.38in)

Unbox Pleasure with:
– 1 × Hismith Capsule
– 1 × 6″ silicone dildo
– 1 × Strong suction cup
– 1 × Remote controller
– 1 × USB charger cord
– 1 × User manual

– Avoid adjusting thrust depth during operation.
– Set the speed dial to zero before turning on the machine.
– Begin with medium depth and gradually explore.
– Limit usage to 30 minutes at a time and let the motor cool down.
– This product is intended for its described use only.
– Use original Hismith connectors for attachments.
– Keep the machine and accessories dry.
– Secure the thrust bar before using heavy attachments.
– Use an approved sex toy cleaner.
– Elevate pleasure with water-based lubricant.

Let your desires soar and desires take flight with the HiSmith Capsule – App Control. Unleash your fantasies with the touch of a button and embrace a world where pleasure knows no bounds.