HiSmith KlicLok to Suction Cup Adaptor

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In stock

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HiSmith KlicLok to Suction Cup Adaptor

Unleash your inner pleasure artist with the HiSmith KlicLok to Suction Cup Adaptor – your passport to transforming your wildest fantasies into thrilling reality! This ingenious attachment is not just a tool; it’s a doorway to a universe of ecstasy, elevating your HiSmith Sex Machine experience to unprecedented heights.

Crafted with precision, this Suction Cup Adapter boasts a sleek and polished surface that effortlessly seals the deal with your favorite suction cup-based toys. It’s your golden ticket to converting ordinary moments into extraordinary sensations. Turn your regular dong into a machine dong – that’s right, the magic of HiSmith KlicLok at your fingertips!

Formulated from premium materials, including robust zinc alloy and stainless steel, this adapter is your reliable partner for those exhilarating sessions that demand nothing less than the best. Its ultra-impact absorbent design lets you explore your wild side without any worries – the only limit is your imagination!

What’s the cherry on top? Versatility! The HiSmith KlicLok to Suction Cup Adaptor is a chameleon that can accommodate a wide array of similarly-sized suction cup-based dildos. It’s like an open invitation to an exclusive pleasure party – almost any suction cup treasure can be your plus-one!

Indulge in seamless pleasure pairing – this attachment exclusively harmonizes with KlickLock HiSmith Premium Sex Machines and KlickLock Connectors. Your journey to uncharted pleasure realms starts here.


– Suction Cup Adapter for HiSmith KlicLok Sex Machine
– Enables the Use of Non-HiSmith Sex Toys
– Durable and High-quality Metal Fabrication – Built To Last!
– Easy to Use and Clean ( We Recommend a Mild/Neutral Detergent)


– Suction Cup Diameter: 11.3cm (4.5”)
– Dongs With A Suction Base Over 11.3 Are Not Suitable To Use With This Attachment.

Experience pleasure without boundaries, take charge of your pleasure collection, and let your imagination run wild – the world of ecstasy awaits! Please note that the dildos/dongs pictured are for reference only, setting the stage for your personal adventure.


    Please note that the dildos/dongs pictured are for reference only .