HiSmith Premium Sex Machine – App Control

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In stock

Weight 5 kg

HiSmith Premium Sex Machine – App Control

Dive into Sensual Heights with the HiSmith Premium Play Machine – App Controlled

Get ready to elevate your fun quotient! The HiSmith Premium Play Machine is here to unlock realms of pleasure previously undiscovered.

Constructed for relentless passion, this tantalizing toy is fashioned from top-tier chrome-plated steel, promising durability to match your stamina. Its firm build, coupled with solid rods, guarantees a seamless experience with a rapturous thrusting depth of up to 15cm. Let your mind be at ease; this marvel isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s built for the marathon.

Craving some adventurous angles or a particular stance? Say no more. This machine flexes to multi-angles to keep up with your varying moods. And the cherry on the cake? A conveniently located power dial ensures every sensation is tailor-made for you.

Expand your horizons with its compatibility range. From solo to duo, irrespective of gender, the HiSmith caters to all. Enhanced with a klick-lock attachment system, this versatile playmate stands ready to meet every fantasy head-on.

Oh, and did we mention the sultry free silicone treat that accompanies every purchase? Dive in!


– Electrifying Powerhouse: The core brush motor boasts longevity, treating you to a powerful thrust that’ll leave you breathless.

– Adjust to Your Heart’s Desire: Play with an adjustable stroke ranging from 3cm to 15cm. Plus, a 360° rotational system ensures it always aligns with your desires.

– Stable & Strong: The dual T-frame fortifies the machine with an extra 4+ kg, ensuring a steadfast experience.

– Command the Rhythm: A sophisticated electrical control system lets you dictate the pace between 0 to 240 strokes per minute. And with a 20-meter remote control range, the world truly is your oyster.

– Intimate and Quiet: With noise levels peaking at 50 dB, you’re assured discretion.

– Limitless Play: 10 stimulating speed patterns, complemented by a remote and long-distance app control, open up myriad avenues of pleasure.

– Universal Delight: Included is a tantalizing 21cm silicone dildo. However, its klick-lock system assures adaptability across attachments, offering a carousel of pleasure.

– Decades of Decadence: Offering 10-15 years of impeccable service, HiSmith proves to be an unmatched erotic investment.

– 1 x HiSmith Premium Play Machine
– 1 × Wired Speed Controller
– 1 × Remote Speed Controller
– 1 x Stylish Portable Nylon Bag
– 1 x Complimentary 21 cm Silicone Delight

– Weight: 11.5 kg
– Material: Exquisite Stainless Steel & ABS
– Power: Direct Source (Input: 110 V – 250 V / 50 – 60 HZ, Output: DC 24V/4.2A)
– Motor: Max Power 100 W, Speed 0-240 RPM, Torque 300 N⋅cm
– Thrust Depth: 3-15cm
– Acoustics: 30-50 dB
– Connectivity: Kliclok Connector & 20 m Remote Control

– Don’t tweak thrust depth mid-operation.
– Ensure knobs are securely fastened pre-play.
– For first-timers, a medium thrust depth offers a sublime intro.
– Hygiene first! Always clean before the fun begins.
– For a smooth ride, opt for top-quality water-based lube.

Ready to embark on a tantalizing journey? Dive in with HiSmith!