Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Teledildonic

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In stock

Weight 330 kg

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Teledildonic

Introducing the trailblazing Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Teledildonic – a leap into the future of pleasure where innovation intertwines with passion. Dare to venture into the realm of ultimate male satisfaction, redefining self-indulgence for anyone seeking ecstasy with a penis.

Experience the pinnacle of versatility with the Pulse Solo Interactive. This is not just a male sex toy; it’s a multi-award-winning marvel designed to take your pleasure to new heights. Liberating you from the need for traditional stroking, this groundbreaking creation unveils a hands-free journey that leaves you breathless. Gently place your flaccid penis into the PulsePlate™ embrace, and let the magic unfold. It’s not just a toy; it’s a transformative experience. Ideal for those who seek heightened pleasure, erection challenges, or simply the embrace of extra assistance.

Wetter means wilder, and the Pulse Solo Interactive understands this. Delve into the rumbling sensations that await you in the shower, bath, or even the hot tub. Or for an elevated experience, a touch of lube transforms the Pulse Solo Interactive into a next-generation male marvel that’s ready to please.

Let’s dive into the details:

– Innovative Ecstasy: Embrace the pioneering prowess of the Pulse Solo Interactive, uniting interactive technology with your deepest desires.
– Hands-Free Bliss: Bid farewell to traditional stroking. The PulsePlate™ takes over, ushering you into a hands-free world of pleasure.
– Erection Freedom: Experience pleasure even without an erection. This toy’s embrace is open to everyone, regardless of their state.
– Aquatic Symphony: Enjoy the thrills amidst water’s embrace – the Pulse Solo Interactive is your passport to wet and wild pleasures.
– Dimensions of Desire: With a weight of 220g and dimensions of 117 x 67 x 72mm, it’s your compact ticket to unbridled ecstasy.
– Pulsating Power: Delight in 8-speed oscillations and 5 adjustable vibration modes orchestrated by the 3.6V Precision Microdrives motor.
– Revitalizing Energy: Feel the power of the rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V 420mAh) that grants up to 1 hour of seamless play.
– Gentle Murmurs: Emitting a soft murmur of <55dB, it keeps your private pleasure truly intimate.
– Charging Grace: Effortlessly recharge the toy’s energy with the included USB cable, ready to fuel your desires.
– Aquatic Revelry: Explore the depths of pleasure with its waterproof design, ensuring passion knows no bounds.

Indulge in the future of male pleasure with the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Teledildonic. It’s time to redefine your solo journey, surrendering to the embrace of innovation and passion that elevate your ecstasy to unparalleled heights.