HOT Pheromone Perfume Man Miami – Spicy Man 30ml

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HOT Pheromone Perfume Man Miami – Spicy Man 30ml

Pheromones are sexual attractants that increase the powers of attraction via the opposite sex.

The term pheromone is comprised of the Greek work “phero” (to bear) and “hormon” (impetus, arousal). While hormones act inside the body and transmit messages, pheromones communicate outside of the body. They are hence also characterised as messengers. Pheromones in the animal kingdom are also emitted as sexual pheromones and serve to attract sexual partners. They work as aphrodisiacs and stir sexual excitement. The America, David. L Berliner also discovered this active agent in humans in 1991.

Humans primarily product pheromones in the glands located in the nasolabial folds (connection between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth). It is precisely in this area that partners come into contact at the tip of each other’s nose when kissing. Every kiss thus serves in the perception of pheromones.

And it is indeed these pheromones that dictate whether we like the way someone smells and what partner we unconsciously find attractive and desirable. Pheromones thus play a decisive role as a sexual lure in our choice in our choice of partner and strength of sexual attraction.

HOT presents a successful and long established Man & Woman Pheromone Series. Join us on a trip around the world LONDON – MIAMI – TOKYO with our phenomenal pheromone perfumes and their choice fragrances, which immerse you in the spirit of these great cities.

The special and long-tested blend of androstenol and androstenone pheromones make this new series completely unique.

Consists of a completely fragrant spray and a noble French perfume. For an erotic and irresistible charisma.