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For many anal fanatics there is no other option than J- Lube Concentrate. This product is a concentrated, high quality powder that dissolves easily in water, allowing you to control the consistency so you can create the ideal thickness that you desire. It is the perfect lubricant for larger items or fisting and to use in the colder weather as it keeps from freezing. The formulation of J- Lube Concentrate makes it completely inert and non- irritating, with the added benefit that it is extremely economical and long lasting. This 284g bottle can make up to 32 litres of lubricant, subject to your preferred mix.

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J-Lube is the perfect lubricant


For larger items or fisting. J-Lube is economical as you mix the J-Lube powder with water and make the consistency that is right for you. This 284 g bottle will make up 30 lt of a regular consistency lubricant making it extremely economical and long lasting, the cheapest lubricant we have by far.