Kiiroo Onyx+ Replacement Sleeves 3 Pack – Tight Fit

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Kiiroo Onyx+ Replacement Sleeves 3 Pack – Tight Fit

Introducing the Kiiroo Onyx+ Replacement Sleeves 3 Pack – Tight Fit: Discover Ultimate Pleasure Tailored to Perfection!

If you’re on the snug side of average, we’ve got the remedy for you – the Tight Fit Sleeves. Let the journey into extraordinary pleasure begin.

Designed exclusively for Kiiroo Onyx’ (1, 2, and +) male masturbator’s Pleasure Core, the Tight Fit Sleeves redefine your experience. Feel the texture of temptation as it envelops you, promising an irresistible squeeze that intensifies with every exhilarating thrust into the Tight Fit orifice.

Unlock Your Perfect Pleasure:
Crafted with precision, these sleeves cater to those who prefer a snug embrace. Your journey to unrivaled pleasure begins with these thoughtfully designed wonders.


In Dimensions:
– Length: Meticulously tailored to perfectly complement the Kiiroo Onyx (1, 2, and +).
– Diameter: A snug fit to elevate your satisfaction with every movement.

Experience Pleasure Redefined:
The Tight Fit Sleeves come alive with an enticing internal texture, promising an encounter you won’t forget. Each thrust is an electrifying symphony of sensations, a testament to your unique desires.

Installation Made Effortless:
Transforming your experience is effortless – insert the Tight Fit sleeve into your Kiiroo Onyx (1, 2, and +), securing it with the Grip Clip. Your connection is seamless, your satisfaction boundless.

If you’re ready to explore pleasure that’s custom-fitted to your desires, the Kiiroo Onyx+ Replacement Sleeves 3 Pack – Tight Fit is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Embrace the snug sensation, redefine your satisfaction, and immerse yourself in a world of pleasure tailored exclusively for you.