Lifestyles Regular Condoms 10 Pack

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In stock

In stock

Regular condoms in a handy 12 pack

Product Features

  • Easy-fit (with reservoir-end).
  • Lubricated (non-spermicidal).
  • Smooth surface & natural colour.
  • Nominal width 54mm.
  • 100% electronically quality tested.
Weight 50 kg

Lifestyles Regular Condoms 10 Pack

Introducing Lifestyles Regular Condoms, the ultimate choice for a comfortable and effortless experience. We know you value convenience, and that’s why our Easy-Fit shape is specially designed to make putting on these condoms a breeze.

Whether you’re getting the 10 pack or the 20 pack, we’ve got you covered. With a flared style, these condoms offer a perfect fit and extra comfort for enhanced pleasure. The 5.4cm nominal width with a reservoir teat ensures a secure and worry-free experience every time.

Our condoms are not only reliable, but also visually appealing. The natural color adds a touch of authenticity while the smooth texture enhances sensations for both you and your partner. Plus, they are conveniently lubricated for maximum pleasure. Please note that these condoms are not spermicidal.

Safety is our top priority. It’s essential to know that this product contains natural rubber latex, which can potentially cause allergic reactions. As always, we recommend reading the label and using the condoms only as directed. If you prefer a non-latex alternative, we suggest trying Ansell SKYN condoms.

Experience the ultimate comfort and confidence with Lifestyles Regular Condoms. Say goodbye to worries and hello to pleasurable moments. Get your pack today and let the fun begin!

Product Features:

Available in a 10 or 20 condom pack
Flared style (Easy-Fit)
5.4cm nominal width, with reservoir teat
Natural coloured
Smooth texture
Lubricated (not spermicidal)
*This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions in some people. Always read the label. Use only as directed. For a non-latex alternative please try Ansell SKYN® condoms.