Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche – Penis

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In stock

Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche – Penis

Introducing the Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche – Penis, a must-have for all anal toy enthusiasts and those who enjoy the pleasures of anal sex. With its soft and squeezable bulb, this anal douche is incredibly easy to use and ensures a clean, fresh, and pleasurable experience.

Before engaging in anal fun or sex, it’s important to prepare your body to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. That’s where the Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche comes in. By simply squeezing the bulb, you can suck in and expel water for effective anal cleaning. This anal douche is designed with a silicone peni-shaped nozzle, which not only adds excitement but also makes insertion easy and stimulating. The stem of the nozzle is crafted to provide maximum comfort and ease.

With its 5 spray holes on the top of the nozzle, this anal douche ensures an all-around complete clean. No need to worry about missing any spots! Made from body-safe material with a non-slip finish, this douche also offers an extra grip during use. It holds up to 8 fl. oz of water, ensuring you have enough for a thorough cleaning session.

Let’s talk dimensions – the nozzle circumference measures 3 inches, while the insertable length is 4.8 inches. The overall length of the Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche is 9.8 inches, making it the perfect size for easy handling and storage. And with a weight of just 164g, it’s lightweight and convenient to take with you wherever you go.

This anal douche is made from high-quality silicone and comes in a sleek black color. It is also equipped with an EAN CODE: 6970260906227 for easy identification. Measuring at 9.8 inches in product size, it’s the ideal addition to your collection of intimate essentials.

In conclusion, the Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche – Penis is the ultimate anal cleansing tool for those who want a comfortable and hygienic experience. With its user-friendly design, body-safe materials, and convenient measurements, this anal douche is sure to enhance your pleasure during anal play. So why wait? Get your hands on the Lovetoy Fetish Deluxe Douche now and elevate your intimate experiences to new heights.

Key Features

  1. Easy-to-use and effective anal douche for intimate cleansing and hygienic anal play
  2. Firmly squeeze the bulb to suck in and expel water for effective anal cleaning
  3. Silicone peni-shaped nozzle makes insertion quite exciting and stimulating stem makes insertion comfortable and easy
  4. 5 spray holes on the top of the nozzle ready for All-around complete clean
  5. Body-safe material with a non-slip finish for extra grip during use
  6. Holds up to 8 fl. oz of water
  7. Nozzle Circumference: 3 inches
  8. Insertable Length: 4.8 inches
  9. Length: 9.8 inches

Material: Silicone
Color: Black
EAN CODE: 6970260906227
Product Size: 9.8 inches
Product Weight: 164 g