Nostalgia Pack 30ml – 5 Pack

$140.00 AUD

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In stock


English, Man Scent, Iron Horse, Z best, Colt.  $140

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 5 cm

Nostalgia Pack 30ml

5 Pack

Want to be taken back to a simpler time?

We know the feeling! Experience the nostalgic sweetness of premium old-school poppers with our Nostalgia Pack!

Featuring five high-strength retrograde formulas, each of exceptional quality and scent. Be transported to way back when, simply by opening up our nostalgia pack and enjoying all that it has to offer.


This old school brand will be remembered by the die-hards who’ve been enjoying poppers over the past couple of decades.

Man Scent Poppers 30ml are made for those of you looking to have fun with your partner or friend. The bottle really says it all here. Strong, powerful, and tough. Brought to you by the experts at Lockerroom, Man Scent will get the job done.

Iron Horse 30ml poppers is an absolutely unique formula, produced by PWD an extremely popular brand that has been creating popper products for over forty years.

The Z Best 30ml poppers are a superior formula produced by the world removed Canadian manufacturer, Lockerroom. An extremely popular product, Z Best has been said to be unmatched with it’s triple distilled formula, providing a pure, smooth and impressive popper experience!

Colt Fuel 30ml is a pure popper formula produced by the trusted Canadian manufacturer, Lockerroom, that have been selling poppers since the 1980s.

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