Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath – Clear

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In stock

Weight 700 kg

Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath – Clear

Introducing the Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath – Clear, the ultimate solution for those seeking a bigger, girthier experience. Crafted from the finest SuperFLEXtpr material, this cocksheath will elevate your natural dimensions to new heights.

Designed with your pleasure in mind, the Daddy features a blubbery bullet insert that can be customized to fit perfectly in the inner chamber, ensuring an optimal fit for your shaft. The realistic flared head and rubbery ballbag are expertly designed to encase your sack, enhancing your overall experience.

But that’s not all – the built-in ballsling at the base of Daddy ensures a firm grip, guaranteeing a harder and longer-lasting erection. Say goodbye to average, and hello to extraordinary pleasure.

Imagine the gut-stuffing girth you’ve always desired, now within your reach. The Daddy cocksheath from Oxballs is here to take your pleasure to new heights. This thick and luxurious sheath molds seamlessly to your junk, fitting like a second skin.

To get started, simply coat the inside with your favorite lube, slide your meat in, and get ready for an unforgettable experience. If you’re craving an even tighter grip, we recommend “burping” out any excess air by gently squeezing the length of Daddy down to the base.

With its rubbery sack stretching to encase your balls, the Daddy cocksheath provides an intensified sensation as if someone is gently cupping and playing with your ballbag while you indulge in some serious fun.

Prepare to transform your average member into a meaty fucker that will leave your partner weak at the knees. The wide flared shroom head and thick shape provide an exhilarating feeling as it pops in and out of a greased-up pig pucker, leaving their tight hole wide open and yearning for more.

For those looking for a tighter fit or more suction grip, Daddy comes with a nub insert designed to lock into the hollow chamber, offering a shortened inner length for maximum pleasure.

So, bend over and get ready for Daddy – the ultimate pleasure partner. It’s time to elevate your experience and enjoy the mind-blowing sensations that only Oxballs can deliver.

– Made from super-soft and stretchy SuperFLEXtpr material
– Blubbery sheath increases natural girth and length
– Large, fleshy sheath encases both shaft and balls
– Bullet insert allows for customizable fit and feel of the inner chamber
– Openings in the balls double as placeholders for electro contact points
– Length: 9.25″
– Width: 2-3″
– Main hole circumference: 4.5″
– Shaft hole circumference: 3.5″
– Inner shaft length: 6″
– Smallest usable shaft circumference: 6″
– Largest usable shaft circumference: 6.75″
– Weight: 12.7 oz

With the Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath, the possibilities for pleasure are endless. Explore a new realm of satisfaction today with Oxballs – the experts in enhancing your intimate experiences.