Screeny Weeny Set 6.0 Nordic White Beast Uncut

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In stock

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Screeny Weeny Set 6.0 Nordic White Beast Uncut

Introducing the Screeny Weeny Set 6.0 Nordic White Beast Uncut – the ultimate solution for those looking for a discreet and realistic fake penis. This fully functional silicone fake penis is handcrafted in Germany with the highest quality materials, making it incredibly lifelike in both look and feel.

The Screeny Weeny features a unique Push & Pee function, allowing for easy and convenient use with just one hand. Simply strap it on, use the included synthetic urine, and you’re ready to go. No need for additional handles or complicated setup – the Screeny Weeny is designed for quick and simple use, ideal for any important “date”.

Choose from different variations of the Screeny Weeny to find the perfect match for your skin tone – whether you prefer a lighter or darker shade, circumcised or uncircumcised, there’s a version for everyone. Each type is cast from a real appendage to ensure the most authentic appearance possible.

Included in the set are 2 x 80 ml synthetic urine sachets with different values, an empty practice sachet, a thermal sachet for maintaining a warm temperature, heating pads, a syringe for filling, and international instructions for easy use. The adjustable strap means it fits sizes from S to XXXL, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

The Screeny Weeny is designed to be discreet and reliable, with no leaking or dripping. Its innovative design ensures a secure fit and optimal temperature for a realistic experience. Perfect for those looking for a high-quality fake penis that is always ready for use, the Screeny Weeny is the ideal choice.

Don’t let paranoia hold you back – make the switch to the Screeny Weeny for a convenient and reliable solution. Try it out today and experience the difference for yourself!

With this set, you’ll receive everything you need for a seamless experience:
– 1x Screeny Weeny 6.0 White/Nordic “Beast”
– 2x 80 ml synthetic urine bags with different values
– 1x empty practice bag
– 1x thermo bag for warmth and stability
– 2x heating pads
– 1x reusable temperature strip
– 1x syringe for easy filling
– International instructions for hassle-free use.


  • The different types of ScreenyWeeny were all cast from real todgers to ensure a completely authentic look
  • Strap it on and get peeing
  • No additional handles required, simple one-handed operation (ultimate one-handed fake penis)
  • The thermo-sachet guarantees an optimum long-lasting “operating temperature”
  • 100% secure and reliable, no dripping or leaking
  • The flow of urine is started by putting a light pressure on the underside of the ScreenyWeeny, and stopped again immediately by releasing it
  • The urine sachets can be reclosed
  • The thermo-sachet can be adjusted to fit all sizes from S to XXXL thanks to the adjustable strap
  • Our fully cast ScreenyWeeny is made from high-quality makeup silicone