Screeny Weeny Set 6.0 Nordic White Cut

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In stock

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Screeny Weeny Set 6.0 Nordic White Cut

Introducing the Screeny Weeny 6.0 Nordic White – the ultimate deceptively life-like silicone fake penis that will amaze you with its functionality! PEEING IS POWER, and with the Screeny Weeny, you can pass water like a pro.

Let’s start by talking about what makes the Screeny Weeny so special. Made with top-quality makeup silicone, this fully cast fake penis is expertly crafted in Germany. Each unit goes through rigorous quality checks before being packaged with utmost care and attention to detail.

What sets the Screeny Weeny apart is its unique Push&Pee function. With just a simple one-handed operation, you can effortlessly start and stop the flow of urine. It’s perfect for those important “dates” when you need to be discreet and in control. Plus, the thermo-sachet ensures an optimal long-lasting “operating temperature” without any dripping or leaking.

But that’s not all! The Screeny Weeny comes in a variety of options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a lighter or darker skin tone, or if you’re looking for a circumcised or uncircumcised style, we’ve got you covered. Choose from the beauty or beast variations and find the perfect fit for you.

Rest assured that each Screeny Weeny is cast from real todgers, guaranteeing an authentic and realistic look. And to make your experience even more convenient, we include 2 x 80 ml synthetic urine sachets with different values. They can be easily re-closed for future use.

Worried about sizing? Don’t be! The adjustable strap on the thermo-sachet can fit all sizes from S to XXXL. We’ve got you covered, no matter what.

In addition to the Screeny Weeny 6.0 Nordic White, your purchase includes a range of useful accessories. You’ll receive an empty sachet for practice or alternative urine sources, 2 heating pads to ensure the perfect temperature, a reusable temperature strip, and a syringe for filling the empty sachet. Plus, we provide international instructions for use on the packaging to make sure you have all the information you need.

For those who plan on using the Screeny Weeny daily, we highly recommend our anti-paranoia pack. It’s designed to ease any worries or concerns you may have and ensure a stress-free experience.

So why wait? Experience the world’s best and most reliable fake penis with the Screeny Weeny 6.0 Nordic White. Start peeing with power and confidence today!


  • 1x ScreenyWeeny 6.0 circumcized “Nordic/White”
  • 2 x 80ml Synthetic urine with different values
  • 1 x Empty sachet (for practice or for urine from other source)
  • 1x Thermo-sachet (for maintaining at a warm temperature and attaching),
  • 1x HeatPaxx Heating Pad
  • 1x Refill-Syringe (20 ml)


  • The different types of ScreenyWeeny were all cast from real todgers to ensure a completely authentic look
  • Strap it on and get peeing
  • No additional handles required, simple one-handed operation (ultimate one-handed fake penis)
  • The thermo-sachet guarantees an optimum long-lasting “operating temperature”
  • 100% secure and reliable, no dripping or leaking
  • The flow of urine is started by putting a light pressure on the underside of the ScreenyWeeny, and stopped again immediately by releasing it
  • The urine sachets can be reclosed
  • The thermo-sachet can be adjusted to fit all sizes from S to XXXL thanks to the adjustable strap
  • Our fully cast ScreenyWeeny is made from high-quality makeup silicone