Xtrm Snffr Double Large – Black

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In stock

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Xtrm Snffr Double Large – Black

Discover the thrill of doubled-up aroma sensations with the Xtrm Snffr Double Large Cap in a bold black design. Engineered to deliver faster effects and speed up your aroma rush, this cap promises to propel you to the zenith of aromatic delights.

Unlock a sensory treasure trove with the XTRM Double Large Cap. Just screw it onto your extra strong poppers and let the journey begin! Boasting not just one, but two openings, it’s designed to amplify the effects of your favourite poppers like never before. Simply replace the original cap of your bottle with the Double Large Cap, and get ready to breathe in the vapours through the double opening for a truly overwhelming sensory experience.

This cap is tailored to be compatible with most large poppers of 24ml. These bottles often feature larger openings, so the Double Large Cap is the perfect partner to prevent any leakage, ensuring every drop is savoured to the maximum.

Manufactured with precision and quality in Europe by SNFFR, this product is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to supercharge your aroma sessions. It’s high time you let the term “sniff” take on a new, more exhilarating meaning.

Take note of some crucial care instructions: DO NOT tilt the bottle during use, always handle with care, and remember, this product is not waterproof. Just a simple wipe down is all it needs for cleaning – no need for detergent. Remember, poppers are sold separately, and always keep the safety cap of your bottle to close it after use.

Compatibility? The Snffr Double Large Cap is a perfect fit for all Black 24ml, Amyl 24ml, Amyl Titanium 24ml, Everest Zero 24ml, Fist 24ml, and Jungle Juice Xtreme Formula 24ml bottles.

Are you prepared for a sensational adventure? Brace yourself for an unparalleled aroma experience with the Xtrm Snffr Double Large Cap. It’s time to double up the fun!