Tenga Puffy – Mint Green

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In stock

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Tenga Puffy – Mint Green

Introducing the TENGA Puffy Mint Green, an invitation to a symphony of luxurious pleasure designed for your ultimate satisfaction. This unique toy is the epitome of opulent softness, featuring an ultra-soft spongy material that will make you sink into a world of indulgent comfort.

Crafted with innovative design and utmost attention to detail, the TENGA Puffy provides a supple, tactile experience that’s simply irresistible. Its silky-smooth silicone cover enhances the softness, taking you on an exciting sensory adventure with sensations that are nothing short of super soft and sensational.

The TENGA Puffy Mint Green is not just about the luxurious feel; it’s about offering a sensory experience unlike any other. The seductive feel of the super-soft material coupled with small beads and long ribs stimulate an array of pleasure points, promising a unique sensual journey.

Adding to the appeal is the soft case which can be squeezed to control the pressure inside, enabling you to customize your experience according to your desires. An anti-dust protective coating graces the exterior, adding a smooth texture that enhances the tactile experience.

Thoughtfully designed for maximum enjoyment, the TENGA Puffy boasts a waterproof structure, ensuring the internal sponge stays dry for repeated use. It’s also super easy to clean: just remove the top cover and the insertion point cap, and you can easily wash the inside without water seeping into the internal structure.

What’s more, the TENGA Puffy ensures hygiene with an easy-drying cap design. By using the insertion point cap, drying becomes simple and hygienic, making maintenance a breeze.

The TENGA Puffy Mint Green offers an insertion depth of approximately 15 cm and width of 4.5 cm, and is reusable, making it a fantastic addition to your pleasure collection. It comes complete with a lotion pouch, and is made from high-quality materials including elastomer, silicone, PC, ABS, urethane, and POM.

So why not indulge in the ultimate luxurious pleasure with the TENGA Puffy Mint Green? Experience a world of super soft sensations and embark on a sensory journey like you’ve never felt before. After all, pleasure is all about the experience, and the TENGA Puffy promises an unforgettable one.