Tenga Puffy – Sugar White

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In stock

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Tenga Puffy – Sugar White

Embrace a realm of delicate, luxurious pleasure with the TENGA Puffy Sugar White. A beacon of ultimate softness and sensuality, the TENGA Puffy is the sensual treat you’ve been dreaming of, offering an exquisite blend of indulgence, luxury, and intense satisfaction.

What sets the TENGA Puffy apart is the ultra-soft spongy material at its core. This super-plush substance delivers unparalleled luxurious pleasure, providing an experience that can only be described as super soft and heavenly. Encasing this lavish delight is a silky-smooth silicone cover that offers supple, tactile sensations, designed to seduce and excite your senses.

This pleasure instrument is not just about the soft touch; it’s a sensory voyage. Revel in the seductive feel of the super-soft, silky-smooth material that promises to leave you begging for more. The pleasure intensifies with the fine edges that gently stimulate your senses, making your journey to satisfaction even more exciting.

Enhance your pleasure journey by squeezing the soft case to control the pressure inside. The TENGA Puffy also features an anti-dust protective coating with a supple, smooth texture, adding an additional layer of tactile pleasure to your experience.

Designed for your enjoyment and convenience, the TENGA Puffy boasts a waterproof structure, ensuring that the internal sponge remains dry for multiple uses. Cleaning your pleasure device is an easy task; simply remove the top cover and the insertion point cap, and you have full access to clean the inside without any water seeping into the internal structure.

Equipped with an easy-drying cap design, maintaining the hygiene of the TENGA Puffy becomes effortless. Using the insertion point cap, you can easily dry your pleasure toy, making your post-use cleanup simple and hygienic.

The TENGA Puffy Sugar White offers an approximate insertion depth of 15 cm and width of 4.5 cm. It is reusable, and it comes with a lotion pouch included, adding an extra layer of comfort to your pleasure journey. Made from high-quality materials like elastomer, silicone, PC, ABS, urethane, and POM, the TENGA Puffy guarantees a premium experience that’s built to last.

Experience the epitome of luxurious softness with the TENGA Puffy Sugar White. It’s not just a pleasure toy; it’s a promise of an unforgettable sensory journey that will leave you wanting more. Sensual indulgence is just a touch away with the TENGA Puffy.