Winter Popper Pack

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In stock

Winter Pack of Poppers

The popular Winter Pack of Poppers is back again – for all you leather cleaner enthusiasts out there! Get ready to experience a whole new level of pleasure as we bring warmth and lust into your harsh winter nights.

Picture this: you turn up the heat, put on your favourite porn and open the bottle. Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the experience with a partner, this Winter Popper Pack guarantees to deliver the most intense sensations and explosive orgasms of your life.

But here’s the deal – the Winter Popper Pack is a Limited Edition! Only available during the cold months, so seize the opportunity to elevate your winter nights to extraordinary heights.

Inside this exclusive Winter Popper Pack you’ll find:

  1. DOUBLE SCORPIO AMBER 15ml. Unleash the captivating aroma of Amber that will ignite your senses and leave you craving for more. This is a supreme Double Scorpio popper that is long lasting and excellent for long hours spent leather cleaning.
  2. EVEREST ORIGINAL 10ML.Conquer the peak of pleasure with this original formula, designed to take you to new heights of ecstasy. This powerful, high-quality popper is the first of the Everest range containing Pentyl Nitrite.
  3. RUSH ORIGINAL EXTREME EU FORMULA 30ML Experience the power of Rush Original Extreme EU Formula in a convenient 30ml bottle. Let the iconic yellow label and red lightning bolt ignite your senses for a wild and pleasurable ride. Perfect for solo play or intimate moments with a partner, this erotic aroma will take your experiences to new heights. Try it today!
  4. JUNGLE JUICE PLUS EXTREME 30ml. Get ready to be transported to the depths of a tropical paradise with this extreme formula. From the manufacturer Lockerroom this popper uses only the best quality Canadian Pentyl nitrite.

So, why wait? Don’t let winter’s cold grip hold you back from experiencing mind-blowing pleasure. Grab your Winter Popper Pack today and embrace the ultimate thrill that only the chilly season can offer.

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