XTRM Desk Power Station (Black)

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Black XTRM SNFFR Inclusive Desk System

Introducing the all-new XTRM Desk Power Station in Black – the ultimate solution for an unparalleled aroma experience! Prepare to be amazed by the SNFFR and its ability to deliver an intense aroma experience like never before.

The Desk Power Station by XTRM is not your ordinary popper accessory – it’s a powerful tool that combines both functionality and stunning design. With a generous channel that ensures maximum pressure, even the most discerning aroma connoisseurs will be left speechless.

The XTRM can, equipped with the innovative XTRM Holder, is designed with stability in mind. No more worries about accidental tipping over – this desktop system ensures a secure and enjoyable aroma experience. No more concerns about where to safely place your Snffr after a session. The “X” lid guarantees that your Snffr can be securely placed down without any hassle.

The XTRM Desk System includes:

  • Our XTRM Power Snffr with an extra large channel for maximum aroma experience.
  • The Snffr-Desk System, which ensures optimal aroma presentation. 9 cotton swabs for the XTRM 60 ml can (empty).
  • The X-Holder, which not only provides a cool look, but also a better grip, especially when you’re in action.
  • Our cool packaging with the XTRM Play Harder fabric bag, perfect for storage or when traveling.
  • Experience the power and unique design of the Snffr Inclusive Desk System – an absolute must for every aroma enthusiast

Experience the thrill of a truly intense aroma like never before. The XTRM Desk Power Station provides the perfect combination of safety and style, allowing you to enjoy your aroma in a secure and fashionable way. Get ready to elevate your aroma experience to new heights.