Xtrm Snffr Leakproof 2.0 Double Large – Black

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Xtrm Snffr Leakproof 2.0 Double Large – Black

Introducing the Xtrm Snffr Leakproof 2.0 Double Large in a bold black shade, a revolution in your aroma indulgences. Specifically designed to lock in your favorite fumes, this innovative gadget promises an upgraded, leak-free aroma experience.

The Snffr 2.0’s unique push-button kick channel function is as straightforward as it is clever. Simply screw it onto your chosen aroma bottle. Then, with just a click, it opens three kick channels, setting the enchanting aroma free. The moment you release the button, the aroma flow ceases, putting you in full control of your aromatic journey. The device is also vapor-proof, ensuring a fuss-free experience.

However, bear in mind that the Snffr 2.0 doesn’t serve as a replacement for a secure screw cap. While it’s an expert at stopping aroma leaks, it’s not designed to prevent liquid spillage.

As for compatibility, the black Snffr 2.0 matches perfectly with a variety of 24ml bottles. It fits all Black, Amyl, Amyl Titanium, Everest Zero, Fist, and Jungle Juice Xtreme Formula 24ml bottles.

This masterfully crafted device is a proud product of Europe, manufactured by XTRM. It’s compatible with both glass and plastic bottles. Though it’s not waterproof, it’s easy to maintain—just wipe clean and avoid washing with detergent.

Exercise caution when using the Xtrm Snffr Leakproof 2.0 Double Large. It’s meant to enhance your aroma experiences, but safety should always be your priority. Enjoy your aromatic voyage without any worries, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, the aromas are sold separately. This description pertains to the Snffr device, not the aroma products. Now, are you ready to redefine your aroma experiences with the Snffr 2.0?