Everywhere in the world, buying and using poppers is more and more fashionable. This product with miraculous virtues, which was originally designed to improve our health, increases sexual pleasure tenfold and its use arouses your libido. Poppers are made from amyl, pentyl nitrite, alkyl nitrites or a mixture of them. And there’s a whole range of options on Poppers By Post.

Poppers can become your best friend when engaging in anal play. Poppers are vasodilators that help stimulate partners but above all, boosts pleasure. For the most sensitive ones, poppers can also help decrease the pain that goes with this practice during anal penetration or when you deal with a big size. By helping with the dilation of the anus, poppers make anal sex easier even if your partner’s penis is rather big. Enhance the pleasure and enjoy the sensations caused by your stimulating liquid. Indeed, poppers have beneficial effects on the body.

What poppers for anal sex?

If you find it hard to make your choice, Poppers By Post has curated a list of some fantastic options.
Everest Premium: It is the most extreme poppers ever created! Made of 95% pure Isoamyl Nitrite which allows it to have all the feelings of amyl in an intense way.
• You’ll also find Everest Titanium 15ml in the same category which is a little atomic bomb.
Amyl: as its name suggests, is also a powerful juice containing amyl nitrite. You will find it in different sizes of bottles:10ml, 24ml, and our exclusive 24ml Tall bottle
• You can also have a good time with the poppers named Gold Skull, Jungle Juice Black Label, and Super Rush Black Label.

Poppers for Anal and Fisting

Among the different existing anal experiences, you may enjoy fist fucking. This extremely enjoyable sexual practice when done in the right way requires a powerful stimulant for dilation.

Fist Deep

The Fist Deep poppers made from amyl nitrite has aphrodisiac properties. Compared to other amyl poppers, the duration of pleasure is longer with a fast rise of desire at the beginning.

This type of anal poppers is very powerful and suits perfectly the experienced users as well as the thrill-seekers.

This kind of poppers is affordable and has a strong intensity, which will make you uninhibited and with your clothes off in record time.




Fist Hard
Another bottle of that kind could appeal to you: Fist Hard poppers is 100% French and available in bottles of 10ml or 24ml. It contains amyl nitrite.

It’s the latest one in our collection but also the most powerful compared to classic versions.

If you want to change from what you usually take, you need to try this great brand.

Fist Hard helps you relax your orifices and soft muscles and exhales a delicate aroma that is purely aphrodisiac.




Fist Black Label
There’s also Fist Black Label poppers (with amyl nitrite) available in larger quantities since it’s a bottle of 24ml.

Being also made from amyl, you’ll find these ultra-powerful poppers in bigger bottles.

You’ll feel the effects of poppers at the first hit with a progressive and stable rush that lasts a few minutes.

The duration can vary according to how long you’re exposed but also the way you use them.




Great Fist Poppers Pack
Fisting lover? Treat you and yours to the ultimate Great Fist Poppers Pack

Always be ready for your steamy moments with the new Great Fist poppers pack.

3 ultra-powerful amyl-based references for non-stop anal play.

Amyl is the ideal formula to dilate the smooth muscles in depth, so this pack will be the way to your anal orgasm.

What is the best anal lube?

Lubes are generally very useful to make sexual intercourse easier. These products offer extra-thick, slippery lubrication, which enhances enjoyment, whilst reducing discomfort. You risk missing ultimate pleasure if you don’t invest in your sexual well-being. Lubricants are essential while having sex to avoid any unpleasant sensations caused by the friction of condoms. When there’s no lubricant, sex tends to become less intense and nobody wants to shorten this moment of shared pleasure, do they? Anal or vaginal stimulation will be more enjoyable with lube. For anal sex in particular, whether you wear a condom or not, with dildos or any other sex toys, lubes are essential. This is because the anal zone is the part of the body that doesn’t secrete any natural lubrication. By the way, the use of an anesthetizing lube and sprays for anal sex could be useful. Now that you know all our secrets to increase your anal pleasure, what are you waiting for? Put on a sexy outfit and be naughty!