Xtrm Snffr Solo Small – Black

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Xtrm Snffr Solo Small – Black

Welcome to an exciting sensory ride with the Xtrm Snffr Double Small in a suave black design. As the ultimate Popper Sniffing Cap, it promises to amplify your favourite aroma experiences, giving a whole new meaning to the word “sniff”.

Unlock the door to an intensified experience with the XTRM Double Small Cap. Just screw it onto your extra strong poppers, and you’re ready to soar! It doesn’t just have one, but two openings to double the delight. Replace the original cap of your bottle with the Double Small Cap and bask in the amplified effects of your favourite poppers. Inhale the vapours through the double opening and take in twice the amount of exhilaration.

This cap is compatible with small and medium-size poppers (10 to 15ml), housed in either glass or aluminium vials. It ensures no leakage, making certain that you extract the maximum from each bottle!

Crafted with excellence in Europe (Austria) by SNFFR, this exclusive product is swiftly gaining popularity for its promise of an amplified aroma experience.

It’s important to keep a few things in mind while using this product: DO NOT tilt the bottle during use, and always handle with care. While it is compatible with glass, plastic, or aluminium bottles, remember that it is not waterproof. For cleaning, a simple wipe will do – avoid washing it with detergent. Always keep the safety cap of your bottle to close it after use, and remember, poppers are sold separately.

The Snffr Double Small is compatible with all 10ml bottles, including all PWD 10ml bottles. It fits all 15ml bottles, excluding Double Scorpio bottles, and is also compatible with Liquid Gold 24ml and all 30ml bottles, including all PWD 30ml bottles.

Are you ready to double your delight with the Xtrm Snffr Double Small? Brace yourself for a thrilling aroma experience like no other!