XTRM POWER Poppers + Fister Pack

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XTRM POWER Poppers + Fister Pack

Multi Pack

Feast your senses on this fascinating and felicitous selection . If you are taking it anally, in your vagina or your throat this Ultimate Sexy XTRM Pack can really help you access your inner slut!

Deeper, Deeper, DEEPER!

Included in the pack:


Experience XTRM LARGE 24ml now full of purity with a powerful ROAR!!! This 24ml bomb will make you experience intense and exciting new sensations. With XTRM Large Pentyl get disinhibiting and aphrodisiac effects. Make sure you are ready to have fun anytime, anywhere!

Important: this type of bottle does contain 24ml of liquid, but it is not filled to the brim so that the aroma can develop for best effects.

  • SNFFR XTRM Poppers Cap – Fistr Small (Red)

Popper Sniffing Cap

Faster effects, speed up the boost… XTRM SNFFR ® for the finest kick, with no contact to the aroma. Best to order with all your popper purchases!

  • XTRM Fist Lube 500ml

The Fist Lube of the brand XTRM was developed for all playful fist players and especially for fisting. This premium lube provides relaxed penetration games in the anal area. XTRM Hybrid Formula. Water-based lubricant gel. Long lasting and very slippery. Latex condom friendly. Oil and grease free. With soap and water, Fist Lube by XTRM washes off easily. This means that if the Fist Lube should flow onto the floor or into the sling, you can be sure to wipe it clean. This quality product is manufactured under German quality controls in Germany and comes in a convenient 500ml tube

  • XTRM Play Harder Anal Spray 30ml

The Anal Spray Play Harder by XTRM is a special product if you have problems with your first anal sex. It will also help you if you have a slight painful reaction or if you want to experience very intense deep anal sex. The anal spray also helps you to insert larger dildos or to reduce initial pain during fisting in order to achieve the greatest possible stretch. The spray only has a local analgesic effect and ensures that you don’t cramp up at the rectum at the crucial moment.You simply spray 1-2 sprays on your anus and wait a minute before it starts. The XTRM Anal Play Harder Spray lasts for 75 uses. The high quality spray of the brand XTRM is made in Germany and fits conveniently in your pocket or luggage.

  • XTRM Deep2Suck Throat Relaxing Spray 30ml

The Deep Throat Spray Deep2Suck by XTRM helps you with very deep blowjobs. Even experienced pornstars in the gay and straight industry use this spray in their work. The spray can reduce your gag reflex. Reach the level of a porn star and surprise your partner with it. Usage: spray 2-3 times in the back of the throat and wait 30 seconds for the effect to kick in. You will feel a slight minty taste and a slight tingling sensation. The spray is made in Germany and fits in any pocket or luggage.

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