At Poppers By Post, we sell a wide range of Male Sex Toys for enhanced sexual pleasure. Anal beads can actually be extremely pleasurable for your hole as well as providing great prostrate stimulation.

Anal beads feel different inside your body compared to butt plugs or prostate massagers. No matter whether you use them solo or with your partner, you are sure to have a pleasurable time. Anal beads are great as they have a flexibility that other toys don’t have and can therefore rub you in all the right ways.

Some anal bead designs are firmer and some are tapered, there really are designs for everyone. You can experiment with how many beads you insert and the overwhelming feeling of pulling them out is a big plus and when timed with ejaculation can cause the most intense and pleasurable orgasm.

What are anal beads and how do you use them?

Anal beads are perfect, beginner-friendly toys to explore anal play. Designs come in a wide range of variations. Some designs are tapered with a stiffer core to allow for easy insertion, while others can be bigger uniform balls attached by a flexible silicone string, these create a feeling of fullness that even power bottoms love. The most important part of the toy is the retrieval handle or ring, because no one wants to get a sex toy stuck up their ass. 

Men have a sensitive, pleasurable gland inside the butt called the prostate gland. When stimulated it can provide great pleasure. The pressure internally from the anal beads is perfect for hitting the P-spot and will drive you crazy when you orgasm.

Anal beads are the perfect flexible toy to play with solo while masturbating, giving head or even while having sex. The versatility of this toy is what intrigues people, and the popping sensation is what keeps people coming back. You can train your ass to work up to taking a dick or larger dildos, basically anal beads are the all in one toy. Make sure you use lots of lube, this will make comfort insertion and removal easier.

Always keep in mind that anal play should never make you feel as though you have to ‘push’ through the pain. If it hurts, take a moment to rest and relax before you try again. Anal play should be a pleasurable experience.


What are anal beads made out of?

Anal beads can be made out of any sex toy material, although, most commonly using silicone, plastic, PVC and a few other flexible, firm materials. Remember to never use silicone lube as it will erode your silicone toys so be careful! Another great alternative to use is water-based lube!

Who should use anal beads?

No matter whether your a skilled bottom or an anal virgin, anal beads will be equally pleasurable as long as you pick the right ones for you. 

How do you clean anal beads?

It is VITAL that you clean your anal beads after every use, just like any other sex toy. No one wants bacteria growing on their sex toys so make sure to wash with soap and water after every use. If left unwashed you could get an infection.

It’s as easy as running your beads under warm water while lathering them up with mild soap. Then rise the soap off and leave to dry on a towel or any hard surface. It’s unnecessary to buy an expensive, fancy sex toy cleaner when water and soap works perfectly well.

What anal beads are best?

This simplifies down to separating the anal beads from low quality to high quality. Essentially, this is based on the material they are made out of. Silicone has a slick feeling and is super easy to clean. As silicone is non-porous it is super easy to clean, you won’t really need so scrub the toy too hard.

Anal beads that are made out of silicone are more comfortable to wear as they conform to your whole. Silicone is firm enough and easy to insert. Always remember to buy anal beads that have either a retrieval ring or a flared base for safety reasons!

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