Let’s Talk Cruising!

Everything You Need to Know + Our Recommendations for Cruising Essentials

What is Cruising?

Cruising is the act of visiting a certain type of space in search of a sex partner for an anonymous, casual, one-time encounter. Within Australia, ‘beats’ are locations frequented by men for the purpose of engaging in sexual acts. Beats are generally spaces like parks, toilets, nightclubs, or car parks. These locations are usually listed on websites like Squirt, where men chat on forums and arrange to meet up with each other. The first evidence of a popular beat is thought to have been in Hyde Park from the 1870s onwards; this means that such locations have existed for an incredibly long time!

Licensed Sex On Premises Venues

SOPVs or Sex on Premises Venues are commercial sites that exist to provide people with a place where they can engage in sex. SOPVs serve as an alternative to public beats and include spaces like gay bathhouses, bookstores, ‘backrooms’, saunas, and club-style venues. SOPVs are a safe alternative to using public beats, as they are regulated, indoors, and legal, meaning you cannot be prosecuted for using them

Some SOPVs in NSW operate under ACON’s Sex on Premises Venue Code of Practice. Venues that sign up to the Code agree to abide by the principles and standards set out within the formal document.

“Compliance with the Code will ensure that patrons of SOPVs have a right to be treated with respect whole in the venues, to practice safe, consensual sex, and have access to sexual health information”.

The minimum standards set out for SOPVs cover things like:

  • Condom and lube distribution and access
  • Lighting at the venues
  • Drug and alcohol awareness and the provision of safe injecting disposal equipment
  • Sexual health information and education resources
  • Regular cleaning
  • Monitoring of the venues compliance with the Code

For the full document, please view here: https://www.acon.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Play-Zone_SOPV-code-of-practice_A5-booklet_web.pdf

Cruising Essentials


Poppers belong to a class of nitrites and are inhaled for the purpose of relaxing the anus, ready for anal sex. Upon inhalation, poppers increase blood flow within the body, providing a head-rush and an increased sex drive, as a result of an increased sensitivity of the skin. Poppers relax the muscles around the anus, meaning that anal sex becomes more pleasurable. When we are nervous, our muscles often contract and when the sphincter muscles are too tight, this can make it difficult to comfortably engage in anal play. Poppers work to combat this unwelcome bodily response by loosening the anal muscles and getting you ready for penetration.

Poppers should never be orally consumed, only sniffed. When used responsibly, and with adequate breaks in between inhales, poppers can be a great way to enhance safe and comfortable anal play. Poppers should not come in contact with the skin as they can burn, which is why SNFFR has come up with an innovative cap system to prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with the popper bottle. SNFFR sells a variety of popper caps that are available in many different sizes. These sizes fit 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, and 30ml bottles. This means that all popular brand bottles are generally compatible with SNFFR caps.

There are many different types of poppers on the market, each with their own distinct scent, strength, and ingredients. It is likely that you may have heard of some common brand names, which include Jungle Juice, Jungle Juice Black, Jungle Juice Gold, Jungle Juice Platinum, PWD Rush, PWD Super Rush, Everest, and Double Scorpio.

We recommend grabbing a popper pack when visiting a cruising space. After all, sharing is caring! You might like our Paris Popper Pack, our Everest Big Pack, our PWD Triple Rush Pack, or our Great Fist Popper Pack.


To ensure that you are both comfortable and safe when engaging in sex, we recommend investing in a high-quality lube. Your body will thank you! Lubes also work to enhance your experience, meaning that those pleasure sensations feel even better!

We recommend the Pjur Backdoor Anal Comfort Glide (compatible with condoms), Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant (not compatible with condoms), Double Scorpio’s Water Based Lubricant (compatible with condoms), or if you’re feeling like something tasty, Sensuva’s Hybrid Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant (not compatible with condoms). The uberlube Good to Go Traveller Set is also great as it is conveniently sized for when you’re on the move.

Sex Enhancers

We recommend sex enhancers for those who want to level up their play. Sex enhancers make sex feel even better, by enhancing the sensation, reducing sensitivity, and ensuring comfortability when attempting certain kinds of fun. To last longer, we suggest the Sensuva Bold Delay Gel, to make oral even more exciting we cannot understate the power of Sensuva’s Sizzle Lips Warming Gel, to ensure your sensitive bits are ready for penetration you can use Pjur’s Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray, or to numb the area entirely you can try the Fist It Numbing Lube (which is a 2 in 1, both a lubricant and a desensitiser!).

Cock Rings

To ensure your junk looks (and performs) at its very best, we suggest investing in a cock ring (or two!). These small and discrete (yet powerful) toys will guarantee that you get the most out of every sexual encounter. We recommend the Oxballs Ringer Three Pack, Boneyard’s Ultimate Silicone Cock Ring, Perfect Fits Play Zone Kit, We-Vibe’s Verge Teledildonic Cock Ring (for those who want some extra vibration sensations), and the Nexus Simul8 Vibrating Prostate Massager (which is both a cock ring and a prostate massager!).

We hope that this information has been helpful to you! If you need further assistance, please email us at info@pbyp.com.au