If you’re new to the world of poppers or looking to expand your collection, choosing the right leather cleaner can feel overwhelming. With a variety of brands, alkyl nitrite formulas, and strengths available, it’s essential to understand your preferences and make an informed decision. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the factors to consider when selecting poppers that suit your needs and desires.

Popper Strength

Poppers come in different strengths, ranging from mild to extra strong poppers. Beginners may opt for milder options to ease into the experience, while experienced users may prefer the intensity of stronger formulations. Consider your tolerance level and desired effects when selecting strength.


There are various formulas used in poppers, including amyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, and pentyl nitrite. Each formula has unique characteristics, so understanding them can help you choose the right one for your preferences. Research the effects and sensations associated with different formulas to find the experience that resonates with you.

For the Beginners…

If you’re just beginning to embark on your popper journey, we recommend you start with formulas containing butyl nitrite. These light aromas will provide a gentle effect and a fast high. You will feel light and hot, while experiencing stimulating flushes within your body. Leather cleaner made with butyl nitrite produce pleasurable and euphoric effects.

The Double Scorpio range offers some perfect options for beginners. The new kids on the block, these trendy poppers have little to no side effects and feature a pleasant aroma for the ultimate in enjoyable popper experiences. We recommend Double Scorpio Gold, Double Scorpio Emerald, and Double Scorpio Sapphire.

The PWD Rush Range is also ideal for those just starting out. Dating back to the 80s, Rush poppers enhance sexual experiences while simultaneously providing much-needed enthusiasm and vigor. Rush poppers will instantly relax you, while providing countless other benefits which have given rise to a cult following.

Most popular poppers containing Butyl Nitrite: Double Scorpio Gold, Double Scorpio Emerald, Double Scorpio Sapphire, PWD Rush 10ml.

If you’re a thrill seeker…

Embrace a thrilling journey by sampling poppers that contain pentyl nitrite. These formulas are perfect for regular users. Their strength provides stronger sensations for a more intense sensorial experience.

Pentyl nitrite poppers are colloquially known as ‘the strong poppers’. They are as useful at a party as they are in bed. Their muscular aromas offer both immediate and long-lasting effects. Poppers containing pentyl often feature a pellet within their bottles. These pellets act as protectants which work to keep the aroma intact by eliminating humidity from inside of the bottle. Pentyl nitrite poppers tend to evaporate less quickly, ensuring a greater level of optimal preservation.

Most popular poppers containing Pentyl Nitrite: Everest Original 10ml, Jungle Juice Black Label 10ml, Fetish 10ml.

Leather Cleaner Ultimate Enthusiasts…

If your experience with pentyl nitrite hasn’t satisfied your needs, we recommend you take the next step: poppers made with amyl nitrite.

To all the advanced users: your long history and experience with poppers leads us to recommend to you the first and strongest of all vasodilators. Poppers made from amyl nitrite continue to retain their title as a favourite of popper communities. The most commonly consumed popper, they offer a next-level experience in popper intensity. Amyl nitrite was the first type of nitrite to be synthesised in 1844, by French chemist Antoine-Jérôme Balard.

Amyl poppers possess an unparalleled level of aphrodisiac power. These powerful aromas will give you a stronger erection that will last longer than anything you have ever previously experienced. Having sex will be more thrilling and orgasmic, while your sexual aptitude will be dramatically enhanced. You will find that your anal muscles are more relaxed (for smoother anal penetration) and the high you experience will last as long as you need it to. Amyl nitrite poppers are thus suitable for any type of sexual activity. Whether you plan to embark on gentle anal sex or wild sex, the effects afforded by amyl nitrite will readily satisfy all your needs.

To experience the entirety of amyl nitrites aphrodisiac effects, you should try the strongest popper in the world: Everest Premium. This popper is crafted with 95% pure amyl nitrite, which offers an unbelievably sensorial experience. Be careful: you won’t believe what you see! Everest Premium is already a hit both in France and overseas.

Most popular poppers containing Amyl Nitrite: Everest Premium, Gate, Pig Black.

Best Popper Brands Based on Reputation

When shopping for poppers online, you must consider the reputation and credibility of the brand when selecting poppers. Look for well-established brands known for their high-quality products, safety standards, and consistent effects. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can help you make an informed decision. No need to worry at Poppers by Post, all of our leather cleaners are genuine and authentic, the best brands of poppers Australia offers, including Jungle Juice and Rush poppers. Poppers By Post is also the EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN reseller of Double Scorpio, XTRM and Everest, with the products coming straight from the manufacturers in USA, Germany and France.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, your personal preferences play a significant role in selecting poppers. Your use (and the effects you seek) will be dependent upon your own physiology, experiences, and needs. If you enjoy poppers made with pentyl nitrite for their aphrodisiac properties, you may not be as fond of their euphoric ones. Similarly, some nitrites might make you excited but may fail to satisfy your sexual appetite. Reflect on your past experiences, explore different options, and be open to trying new brands and formulations. Consider factors such as duration of effects, onset time, and the overall experience you desire from your poppers.

Safety Considerations When Using Poppers

It’s crucial to prioritize safety when choosing poppers. Opt for products that meet safety standards and adhere to regulatory guidelines. Avoid counterfeit or unverified products that may pose health risks. Remember to follow usage instructions, store poppers appropriately, and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Selecting the right type of poppers is a personal journey that involves understanding your preferences and experimenting with different options. Consider factors such as strength, formula, scent, brand reputation, and your own safety when making your decision. Remember to start with milder options if you’re a beginner and gradually explore stronger formulations as you become more experienced. With careful consideration and a sense of adventure, you’ll find the perfect poppers to enhance your experiences and pleasure. Enjoy responsibly and embrace the sensations that the world of poppers has to offer! Shop at Poppers by Post for genuine quality and competitive prices.