Poppers Accessories

Elevate your poppers experience with our exclusive collection of Popper Accessories. Designed to enhance the pleasure and convenience of using leather cleaner, these accessories are essential tools for popper enthusiasts. We offer a range of accessories to suit your needs and elevate your poppers journey.

  1. Sniffers: Explore our selection of sniffers, also known as popper caps, meticulously designed to maximise the experience. These accessories allow for precise and controlled dosing, ensuring you get the most out of your poppers. Experience the intense aromas and sensations with ease and sophistication.
  2. XTRM Breath Mask Kits: Take your popping experience to the next level of comfort and safety with our breath mask kits. These kits from XTRM have many advantages, such as: wearing as a fetish and BDSM accessory, controlling breathing, multiplying the effect of poppers, and finally, having an incredible look!

Embrace the convenience, comfort, and compatibility our accessories offer, ensuring that every popping session is a memorable one. Shop our collection today and enhance your popping adventure like never before.

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